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Eliminating Staph and MRSA on Artificial Turf

  Eliminating Staph and MRSA on artificial turf is critical to the health and well-being of the athletes who play on the turf. Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and MRSA

Indoor Sports Turf Maintenance

Over the past decade, indoor sports maintenance, on artificial turf has fallen behind. The popularity of indoor sports arenas hosting soccer, lacrosse, flag football, field hockey, and many

Disinfecting Synthetic Turf Fields Without Using Chemicals

Synthetic turf simply stated is pretty amazing stuff.  After all, it is highly durable and can withstand even the toughest use and often it can do so for

Indoor Soccer Arenas

Indoor soccer has established itself as a major sports activity, especially with children and young adults.  One of the key reasons that soccer has been so widely adopted

Synthetic Turf Benefits With the Use of The 760 LitterKat

Now with a name like LitterKat, you can be excused for thinking that we are discussing an exciting new cat product. In actuality, the LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper

MRSA and Health Issues for College Football Teams

When students are playing football at the college level, the last thing that they are thinking about is getting sick. However, unfortunately, MRSA outbreaks have been rampant among

What is In-Field Safety? Protection From MRSA and Staph Infections

I think it is fair to say that people are interested in staying healthy. Would artificial turf safety be a concern if you knew the dangers? Next, we

Information About MRSA Prevention-Symptoms-Treatment

Mentioning MRSA makes people cringe with thoughts of painful infections. Let’s take a look at what is so scary about it and how make MRSA prevention a priority.

Scientific Study by the Center for Sports Surface Research at Penn State

Since the 1960s the number of MRSA cases has significantly increased around the globe. Starting first in hospitals, the bacteria that leads to MRSA began to develop a

Synthetic Turf is a Sustainable Solution

As regular studies come out regarding the use of synthetic turf in the United States, there is more and more proof that synthetic turf is sustainable. This is

UVC Offers Protection From Cold and Flu

Every year the Flu season arrives. A few years ago, Reuters News reported that influenza had reached epidemic proportions. 7.3 of all deaths were attributed to the flu.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance in Texas and MRSA

When you mention “Texas” to anyone in the country, alongside barbecue and cowboys come the thoughts of football. Considering this, it makes sense that Texas is home to the most

Safety and Maintenance at Indoor Soccer Arenas

Indoor soccer safety and maintenance is grossly overlooked. Soccer or Futbol is played by kids, adults, and teens all across the United States in thousands of indoor soccer

LitterKat Keeps Artificial Turf Clean From Debris

Athletic areas like bleachers, locker rooms, restrooms, weight rooms, and wrestling mats are routinely swept.  Regular maintenance like sweeping keeps floors free of debris and reducing potentially hazardous

American Ultraviolet and Greensgroomer Worldwide Design the GreenZapr and MiniZapr

We have previously discussed the direct relationship between Sports Turf Northwest and GreensGroomer. You can read about our choice to carry the only brand we feel is adequately meeting the

Artificial Turf Manufacturers Need to Come Clean to Schools and Parks

There are a lot of good reasons to install artificial turf in a school or community park. While artificial turf manufacturers often tout the Durability, Versatility, and Sustainability

Indoor Soccer Arenas Are a Toxic Petri Dish of Human Bodily Fluids

Indoor soccer, lacrosse, and other indoor sports have experienced rapid popularity growth over the last 20 years. Indoor soccer arenas and sports facilities have become a vital part

How to Set Up and Use the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer

The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer by Greensgroomer Worldwide is an industry leader in synthetic turf grooming. Designed for all synthetic turf infill systems, the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer stands

Wrestling Mats Are a Leading Cause of MRSA and Staph

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that more Americans die from Staph or MRSA each year than from AIDs or HIV. Also according to the CDC, the

Play Areas Are The Perfect Petri Dish for Bacteria to Grow

Moms listen up! How often do you let your kids play at public play areas like the ones found at fast food chains all across the country? Have you ever

Locker Rooms Pose Perfect Conditions for MRSA and Staph

Do you use locker rooms daily or several days a week at your gym, school, or other sports facility? Did you know that locker rooms, just like other

Synthetic Turf Sweeper-LitterKat

Sports Turf Northwest is proud to offer synthetic turf maintenance equipment to sports facilities across the United States. After significant research on our part, we concluded the best

Moms Please Take Action To Safely Protect Your Children

Sports moms and parents are constantly looking for the best safety gear when it comes to helmets, padding, mouth guards, and more for their young athletes. Every summer,

The Consequences of a “No Maintenance” Mindset for Synthetic Turf Fields

Unfortunately, many synthetic turf fields that have been sold by turf manufacturers on false information. The duped field owners, sports facilities, schools, parks, and other facilities are investing in

Trust the Center For Disease Control When It Comes to Facts About MRSA and Staph

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provides an extensive collection of information about Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus aureus (Staph).  Included in this collection is

Oregon State University is a Leader in Turf Innovation

Sports Turf NW is happy to have been assisting Oregon State University's Department of Horticulture with some recent tests on natural turf (particularly golf course turf). Researcher and

LitterKat is the Premier Synthetic Turf Sweeper

We get a lot of calls from synthetic turf maintenance crews asking for something that will pick up litter, leaves, and more while not destroying the artificial turf

Two-A-Day Practice Season Means Twice the Chance For MRSA

School is officially out! Let the summer practice season commence. Football teams kick things into high gear over the summer, and most high school football programs run weeks

It May Be Hot, But Arizona Residents Still Enjoy Their Share of Sports and Recreation

This week the western United States is seeing record temperatures in many places. Arizona residents are no strangers to this type of heat, and I imagine it is

Is Hot Yoga a Recipe for Possible Staph and MRSA Infections?

Hot Yoga is but one option for the 15 million Americans practicing yoga. The percent increase in yoga product spending over the last 5 years is 87%. Of

GreensGroomer is Perfect for Natural Turf Golf Courses in Arizona

Arizona is full of lavish golf courses where golf pros and amateurs flock to practice their golf swing and enjoy the sun. To put it mildly, keeping golf

Safety On a Synthetic Turf Football Field

Kids, youth, and adults everywhere are harboring their excitement about the upcoming football season. Whether you play in a Pop Warner League, junior high football, high school football,

You’re Spending a Million Bucks | Better Maintain It!

Deciding to spend a million bucks on an artificial turf project is a big decision for schools and sports facilities. The project involves hours of meetings, discussions, and

NFL and MRSA: GreenZapr and MiniZapr A Trainers Dream

The NFL (National Football League) was thrust in the media spotlight last week when one of the league’s teams the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was faced with a very

LitterKat Synthetic Turf Debris Collector versus the Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics

The LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper often gets compared to the Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics.  Manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide, the LitterKat has been in production and sold around the world

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center

There is even more support out there that germicidal UVC is a reliable way to prevent MRSA outbreaks on artificial turf and other surfaces. We are happy to

Attention Tiger Moms > Bring Awareness to Sports and MRSA

We are excited to have several new followers here and on social media who are active mom's with kids in sports. No one has a louder voice than

Private and Public Universities Get To Know The MiniZapr

GreensGroomer Worldwide the manufacturer of the 860 MiniZapr recently placed this ad in the publication Private University Products and News and Sports Turf Northwest could not be more

Whisper Rock Golf Club – From The Outside Looking In

How To View Whisper Rock Golf Club Hiking up Winfield Mountain in North Scottsdale, Arizona (it is more like a hill, Mount Hood in Oregon is a real

Richard Sherman versus Michael Crabtree-Northwest Style

If you don’t live under a rock then you know about last weeks NFL match-up, Seahawks versus 86’er’s in the NFC championship game and heard about the Richard

Turf Maintenance Equipment Saves Lives From Staph and MRSA Infections

Turf maintenance equipment saves lives and I will tell you why. Millions of people around the world enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Watching the game in HD allows

Artificial Turf Manufacturers are Acting Like Big Tobacco, Profits Over the Safety of Athletes

Below is an editorial I wrote, (Mike Woelfel), in response to two previous editorials.   All three editorials were published by North Jersey Media Group,  The first editorial

Artificial Turf Safety Is Lacking | Will Turn Into Lawsuits

Moms, you have taken the safety of children to new levels but for some reason, artificial turf safety is not on your radar. No longer can a child

Women’s World Cup Controversy: How Sterile is Your Artificial Pitch?

Right now, the 2015 Women’s World Cup is a testy topic in the news. Have you heard what is going on? This year, the Men’s World Cup was

Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment Contractor To The Government

Have you ever heard of the MWR, also known as Morale Welfare Recreation facilities?  Sports Turf Northwest is an approved contractor for the Federal Government. We are proud

WWE and MMA: Recent Allegations of Hepatitis C Spark Health Questions

Have you ever seen an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight? They are sweaty, bloody, grimy, and athlete’s bodies are practically intertwined for most of the fight. Likewise, WWE

What Does Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment Cost?

Dear School Board Members or The Person in Charge of Writing the Check. Do you know the answer to this question? What does artificial turf maintenance equipment cost?

What Comes First? Synthetic Groomer or LitterKat Turf Debris Collector

The chicken or the egg argument as it relates to making your first purchase of a Synthetic Groomer or the LitterKat Turf Debris Collector or Both? Why Proper

“Scientific Studies” and Artificial Turf-B.S At Its Finest

*The views of this article are of Sports Turf Northwest's only. Sports Turf Northwest Is Not Against Synthetic Turf but against the denial by Turf Manufacturers and uninformed

Are Synthetic Turf Fields Full of Bacterial Pathogens Like Staph?

Two studies looking at bacterial pathogens come up with two completely different results.  One study has results that smell like roses and the other study proves that possible

Improving Greens Performance with The GreensGroomer

TopDressing for Amazing Greens Performance The Original GreensGroomer received a game-changing design update in 2014 to help a courses greens performance. The new design increases the effective surface

Artificial Turf Equipment Buy Commercial Grade!

The time has finally come, your current artificial turf maintenance equipment which seems to be always broken and was probably "given" to you by those nice artificial turf

Protecting Kids Against Deadly Artificial Turf Bacteria

Dear Parents, You Have Failed....So Far....Artificial Turf Bacteria is Real! To all Parents, it is your responsibility to protect the health of your kids from artificial turf bacteria.

Football and Artificial Turf is a Game of Chicken with MRSA

Peanut butter and jelly, ice cream and cake, chicken fried steak and gravy, football and artificial turf, you know where I am going with this.  It is Fall

A Football Coach Points to Synthetic Turf as Cause of Staph Infections

I receive incredible information all the time from concerned parents.  What parents are getting sick of is the lack of attention being placed upon synthetic turf and Staph

The UVC 180 Fungi Killer versus GreenZapr by GreensGroomer Worldwide

In America, when you make a claim you back it up with proof, period! Apparently, in Europe, you make a claim based upon what sounds good, no proof

University of Rhode Island Puts Two 860 MiniZapr Sterilizers To Work

Two is always better than one, so utilizing two 860 MiniZaprs to sterilize surfaces is a win-win for everyone using the University of Rhode Island athletic facilities.  In

Day Care Facilities and MRSA

This week the Kansas Department of Health and Environment ordered a day care facility closed.  The Wichita Eagle’s Beccy Tanner reports. The reason, Lana Jean Haines who operates

School Boards-Itemize Your Artificial Turf Project To Save Money

Building a new house or conducting a house remodel project is exactly like the process school boards go through when deciding on a new artificial turf field.  Each

Andrew McNitt From Penn State-What Are You Thinking?

“And I can’t even find any reason to disinfect an outdoor field, ever.” Andrew McNitt Ph.D. Penn State. There comes a time in life when you must question

Who Should Choose Your Turf Maintenance Equipment?

Tracking down who is making choices about turf maintenance equipment is often time-consuming and difficult. Generally, when schools install a brand new turf field, they are looking for

Domains For Sale | Artificial Turf Industry $$$

So your ready to launch a business or need a great name that rings true in the artificial turf industry? Perhaps you simply need a name for lead

Sports Turf Northwest is your #1 Source for knowledge regarding artificial turf maintenance equipment. 

Education About Proper Artificial Turf Equipment Is Needed


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GreensGroomer Worldwide was founded over two decades ago by Mike Davis.  Over time Mike has garnered a reputation as having the best Artificial Turf Equipment and Golf Course Maintenance Equipment on the market. Quality, quality, quality is what GreensGroomer stands for. Sports Turf Northwest chose to be a GreensGroomer Authorized Dealer because of this quality.  We don’t sell other equipment, just GreensGroomer.

Shipping Costs For All Dealers of GreensGroomer Equipment Is The Same

School Districts, you know you need to get a minimum of three competitive bids before you can purchase artificial turf equipment. Did you know that all equipment ships from the manufacturer in Indianapolis?  Do you realize a shipping quote from any authorized GreensGroomer Dealer should be the same cost for all dealers? Even though you might see a GreensGroomer Dealer in your state, perhaps the same city, that has no bearing on shipping costs and you will not save money. Sports Turf Northwest does not add additional charges for shipping so you know you will be getting the lowest shipping rate available.

Procurement or Buying Co-ops Are Bad Financial Decisions

School Districts, do not purchase artificial turf maintenance equipment using Co-ops!  This method of equipment purchasing saves no money and actually costs the taxpayers in your district more money.  This style of purchasing is a rigged system. If your buying toilet paper, by all means, utilize a buying co-op because volume purchasing provides price breaks.  I don’t understand how a school could be so lazy in accepting pricing for equipment via a buying co-op. How is a supplier going to set shipping costs when gas prices are in constant flux. Sports Turf Northwest is about transparency with open and honest purchasing competition.  There have been multiple times now that a co-op purchase was used and the price paid by the school district was thousands of dollars more than what we quoted. Talk about wasting taxpayer dollars.

UVC Sterilizing Equipment for Staph and MRSA Health Dangers

UVC is a method of using light to disinfect a surface.  There is no denying that artificial turf fields contain bodily fluids.  There is also no denying that all it takes is a cut or abrasion of the skin for the beginning of a Staph or MRSA infection.  Artificial turf manufacturers do not want to let the public know the dangers of Staph and MRSA. You could use chemicals to disinfect but do you really think that is prudent?  Every artificial turf field should have in place a system to protect athletes who use the field. Pay now or pay later via a lawsuit because this is what our country has become, a society of litigious zealots. The blog contains many articles addressing the issue of Staph and MRSA infections.

How Dangerous Is Artificial Turf If Not Maintained?

The blog section or Must Read section of this website provides compelling examples along with common sense to connect the dots. Connecting the dots between an invisible yet potentially deadly harmful microorganism. There are plenty of more articles in the Must Read section of the website but these two links will make you question the safety of artificial turf fields.

Trust the Center For Disease Control When It Comes to Facts About MRSA and Staph Are Synthetic Turf Fields Full of Bacterial Pathogens Like Staph? Are Synthetic Turf Fields Full of Bacterial Pathogens Like Staph?