What Debris Does The 760 LitterKat Sweep Up?

The 760 Litterkat performs one of the most basic yet important maintenance needs for your synthetic turf. The important role the LitterKat performs is removing unwanted debris. Removal of debris that is both natural and human-produced. The 760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector with Magnet accomplishes this needed turf maintenance procedure.

Often times athletes bring all sorts of unwanted debris material onto the field.  In addition to athletes, let us not forget all the other groups who use the field.  One group that spends a tremendous amount of time on the field is the marching band. Band members bring their own set of debris onto the field such as bobby pins, musical instruments, and fantastic uniforms.

In addition to people being lazy and leaving debris deposits, turf fields must accept mother nature. Leaves, twigs, and sticks somehow find the artificial turf as a excellent resting area. The lowest form of a human is one who does not pickup their dogs’ fecal deposits. As efficient of a debris removal machine is, the 760 LitterKat will not pick up unwanted dog piles. However, little sticks the dog leaves behind will get removed.

Commercial Grade Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment Is The Key

The 760 LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper is a compact commercial-grade sweeper. One of the LitterKats’ functions is to remove debris such as shoe spikes, small rocks, pens, pencils, bird feathers, and athletic tape. The list of unwanted debris is large and all unwanted debris poses potential harm to athletes. Removing debris from the field is important for safety reasons. Also important is understanding how the LitterKat removes debris without damaging the turf.

Why The LitterKat Can Be Used Daily

The 760 LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper operates without churning up the infill material. The patented design of the LitterKat provides protection to the turf by not ripping or tearing the surface. The LitterKat is a split axle unit and as a result, can make tight turns without dragging the wheels.  As a result of the non-abrasive action, the LitterKat can be used daily if needed.

Is The 760 LitterKat a Sweeper or Debris Collector?

The synthetic or artificial turf industry has its own language.  The Synonym of synthetic is artificial. The 760 LitterKat has the capability to operate as both a sweeper and debris collector. In order to collect, you must first sweep. Most noteworthy is the fact that the 760 LitterKat is the #1 Industry leading sweeper/collector on the market.  American Made and designed for commercial use, the 760 LitterKat will perform proper maintenance on your synthetic/artificial turf field.

LitterKat at Work with Magnet
The GreensGroomer LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector with Magnet

What Is The Difference Between a Sweeper and Groomer?

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760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector

The 760 LitterKat turf sweeper is a lightweight, aluminum and metal piece of maintenance equipment. In addition, to help protect against rain and snow the unit is powder coated.  Powder coating helps to prevent rust. The manufacturer’s recommended horsepower rating for the pulling the unit should be a minimum of 15 hp gas. Electric motors have come a long way but please verify the gas horsepower equivalent if you are using an electric pulling unit.

How The LitterKat Operates

During operation of the 760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector, the unit moves over the turf surface and skims the top layer of the infill. The ground driven feature of the LitterKat adds very little abrasive force. The infill material along with debris is collected and deposited in the two removable hoppers. The twin 12-volt vibrators, act as a sorter for the debris and redistributes the clean infill material. The unwanted debris is held in the hopper baskets until such time the baskets need to be emptied. A 6-foot magnet is always included with the LitterKat and will remove all ferrous metals.


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760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector Specifications
Model Number 760
Made USA
Frame Width 73” All steel construction; 91” with wheels
Drive Mechanism Direct drive gear with rigid gear guards
Draw Bar 56” x 3” diameter steel with an adjustable hitch
Length 36 inches (72 inches overall including the draw-bar)
Height 20.5 inches
Overall Depth 42 inches
Basket 31” L x 35.5” W x 9” D perforated and removable
Wheels (2) 4 Bolt 4.80 x 12 pneumatic with bearings
Finish Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating
Electric (12v) Linear actuators for lifting baskets
(12v) Vibrators (1 per basket)
Brush 33” L x 10” diameter continuous nylon bristle
Weight 447 lbs.
Shipping Crate 93″ x 48″ x 28″ (LitterKat)
SFM Sports Field Magnet
Magnet Width 72″ which equates to 6 feet
Magnet Depth 2″
Draw Bar 36″
Wheels (2) Pneumatic Tires (280/250-4) Ribbed 4-Ply with Bearings
Weight 102 lbs.
Shipping Crate 82″ x 28″ x 14 ” (Magnet)
Crated Weight 180 lbs.

Replacement Parts Diagram for the Turf Sweeper

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Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment: 760 LitterKat Sweeper

  • Removes Surface Debris
  • Redistributes Infill
  • Aluminum construction
  • 12V Linear Actuators
  • 2-12V Basket Vibrators (One per hopper)
  • Includes a 6-foot Magnet for Picking up Ferrous Objects