The 852 GreenZapr, which is the second-generation model of the 850 GreenZapr UVC sterilizer, has arrived!

View of 852 GreenZapr

Although similar in multiple aspects, the newest GreensGroomer creation should improve the overall experience of disinfecting synthetic turfs.

Since these turfs can be home to multiple harmful microorganisms such as Staph and MRSA, in-field safety equipment has been in huge demand by turf owners. The 852 GreenZapr has been built around this promise, granting athletes a safer environment.

In this article, we’ll explore the features of this new model and discuss how effective it can be to eliminate synthetic turf microorganisms.

852 and 852E GreenZapr Features

GreensGroomer is back into the spotlight with its improved UVC turf sterilizer. Boasting a broad spectrum of features that any field owner would be interested in, we are certain that it outsmarts its earlier version.

Let’s explore its qualities.

Frame, Size, and Weight

The first thing you’d notice when comparing the 850 and 852 is that nothing has changed regarding the main frame design. Just like its predecessor, the 852 features a 2-inch square tube with 1 ½ inch square tube crossbars.

This is also the case with the drawbar, which is a 2-inch, 1-piece square tube.

However, the similarities between these models only extend so far. Speaking in terms of size, the 852 model is a bit smaller, which makes it much easier to use.

To be more specific, the 850 model has been released with a length of 108 inches (without the drawbar) and a width of 84 inches. On the other hand, the 852 model is only 92 x 74 inches, marking it as more user-friendly than its previous version.

As a result, you’ll notice that it’s lighter than its older sibling. The 852 model is only 810 lbs, while the 852E model is 1,000. If you take a look at the older versions, you’ll find out that the 850 weighs about 1,250 lbs and the 851 weighs 1,450 lbs.

Therefore, in terms of design and ease-of-use, the 852 GreenZapr is an improvement that’s worth investing in.

Running Gear and Lift Mechanism

These are pretty much the same in both models. Just like the older version, the GreenZapr 852 will be available with pneumatic tires. However, while the 850 includes 4 tires, the improved model has only 2.

It also features 2 front caster wheels with caged roller bearings and spanner bushing. Of course, these additions work to improve the functionality of this model even further.

With this enhanced performance and wheel design, the newer model promises more mobility. Therefore, towing it behind a utility vehicle should prove to be an effortless task.

Front View 852 GreenZapr

As for the lift mechanism, the 852 GreenZapr sterilizer uses a hand crank with safety. In short words, it utilizes a position sensor to automatically shut off if the user raises it from the ground.

Furthermore, the SMART control module cuts off the power to the machine if it’s not being operated.

Therefore, in terms of user-safety, the 852 has everything under control.

UVC Technology

Since the whole job of this artificial turf sanitizer relies on UVC disinfection technology, everything from the light bulb to the light module must be of high quality. You’ll come to realize that this is the case here.

The 852 GreenZapr comes with a 2-8 UVC light module with LED indicators and an hour meter. Furthermore, the design considerations that have been included in the light bulbs themselves should ensure their efficiency.

For instance, the device features 16 36-watt slimline UVC lamps. Each one of them is encased in a hard quartz glass envelope to increase durability and longevity. Not to mention that they’re enveloped in FEP shatter-proof coating.

In addition to that, each light bulb comes with a waterproof sure-seal lamp socket connection.

All these elements help enhance the overall performance of the 852 GreenZapr to do a better job of killing unwanted microorganisms found in synthetic fields.

Power Source

The 852 and 852E models have two different power sources. As for the 852, it’s powered by a 2000-watt E-trailer gas generator.

On the other hand, the 852E is equipped with rechargeable cell-gel batteries. Therefore, you’ll find a 30-amp charger included as well as an 1100-watt inverter.

This reliable on-board power further increases the performance of the machine. According to the manufacturer, the germicidal UVC light produced by it destroys about 99% of harmful microorganisms.


So far, we’ve discussed multiple features of this noteworthy machine. It’s time to take a closer look at its overall performance.

With its unique design standards and mechanisms, you’ll find out that all aspects of the 852 work in sync to enhance its efficiency. For instance, this model is designed to operate from a distance of 2.5 inches above the ground.

Because of how near the unit is to the synthetic turf, the intensity of the radiating UVC light will be focused on the area underneath it. To be more precise, the energy, in this case, can reach 6,558 microwatts per square centimeter.

When operating the machine at the recommended 3-pass/6 mph method, the amount of UVC light that the ground is exposed to will be 6,707 microwatts per square centimeter.

Of course, this is such a high value that ensures the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can often be found in artificial turf. 

Since MRSA only needs a dosage of 6,600 microwatts per square centimeter, anyone using this unit should expect to be rid of 99.9% of these pathogens.

To wrap up the discussion about its performance, the 852 GreenZapr should prove to be the most efficient, cost-effective turf sanitizer on the market.

Spring Tine Rake

Another advantage that the 852 GreenZapr has over the previous model is the improved design of its spring tine rake. It features 34 – .162 diameter tines with a space of 2 inches between each one and the next.

Note that these tines are bent at 55 degrees unlike the 40-degree bend of the 850 models. This change in design, while it might appear minimal, takes the performance of the unit to a higher level.

852 Side shot with Tine Rakes


Last but not least, the unit finishing leaves almost nothing vulnerable to wear and tear. Aside from its sturdy build, high-quality manufacturing, and top-notch materials, this is another aspect that marks it as a long-lasting product.

To be more exact, the 852 and 852E GreenZapr frames are powder coated with 6-step pre-wash including degreaser and anti-rust coating.

This finish combined with all the previous features grant users a surefire product to reduce the health concerns caused by Staph, MRSA, and other potential pathogens.

852 and 852E GreenZapr Operating Instructions

Before powering up the 852 GreenZapr, you must read the following directions. This ensures that you make the most out of its performance, keep it in perfect shape, and be granted your own safety.

Setting Up the 852 and 852E

Prior to use, you must grease all the wheel bearings in the four wheel hubs as well as the front caster wheel hub. After that, you should oil the screw drive.

The next step depends on whether you’re using the version powered by the generator or the one that works with batteries. 

In the case of the generator, all you’ll have to do is fill it with unleaded fuel. For further information about filling your generator, you may want to check the user’s manual that comes with the product.

If you purchase the model with batteries, you’ll need to plug the inverter into a 120VAC wall outlet to charge the battery bank. Then, the sterilizer should be ready for use.

Using the 852 and 852E

The first thing to do is to attach the GreenZapr to any utility vehicle to be towed. 

Then, when you’re on the artificial turf, you should lower the spring tine rake. To do this, simply remove the detent pin on both sides and swing down. After that, replace these pins in this lower position.

Next, use the hand crank to let the light module tray down until it reaches the end stop on top of the screw-drive. The step after this would be to power the machine up, which again, depends on the power source you’re using.

To switch on either the generator or the inverter, open the shroud surrounding each of them and follow these directions.


Turn on the power switch on the unit. As a result, the green power indicator light will turn on. The next step would be to shift the generator switch to ‘run’ and open the lid on the tank.

Then, push the choke lever until it indicates ‘choke’ and pull the pull-cord. After this, the unit will start, so you’ll need to slide the choke lever to ‘run’ and begin moving the device over the turf.


If you’re using the batteries version, simply turn the switch on the timer unit to ‘on’, which will lead to the green power indicator to turn on.

Then, on the inverter, press and hold the ‘on’ button until it starts. Put the shroud that surrounds it back into place and secure it with the detent pins.

Next, press the ‘reset’ button on the upper left side of the shroud. As a result, the blue LED light and the 8 UVC bulb indicators will turn on.

You should pay attention not to look directly at the UVC light bulbs when they’re on. This might cause injuries to your eyes.

After you’ve powered the unit, you have 30 seconds to return to the towing vehicle and begin your work. If those seconds pass before you do, the light modules will automatically turn off.

If this happens, simply press the ‘reset’ button to restart the unit.

The rest is easy work. Operate the unit at a recommended speed of 6 mph to get the desired UVC dosage. Also, it’s important to rake the field 3 times, across the width, length, and diagonally.

Keeping the 852 and 852E in Optimum Condition

There are several things you can do to maintain the 852 GreenZapr and keep it in perfect shape for as long as possible.

  • Grease the bearings in the wheel hubs on a regular bases
  • Lubricate the screw-drive from time to time
  • Keep the UVC bulbs clean at all times using a lint-free cloth and alcohol
  • Replace the bulbs after 1000 hours of use

After following these instructions, the unit should be able to function at full power to eliminate the risk of synthetic turf field pathogens.

Understanding In-Field Safety

Synthetic turf is used everywhere, from soccer fields to indoor play areas, to schools. Because it’s lower in price than the organic alternatives, it can be the better choice for most sport field owners.

However, it’s not the safer option when it comes to the players’ health. Being exposed to a lot of human traffic makes it a potential source of the spread of bacterial pathogens. 

Microorganisms such as MRSA, HIV, and Staph can be transferred quickly from one person to another if synthetic turf fields aren’t disinfected regularly. For this reason, the germicidal UVC light technology has come to the surface to solve that issue.

Focusing the powerful UV rays on the turf causes DNA damage, which eliminates the potential concern of these pathogens and protects athletes from their risks.

The Bottom Line

With the all-new 852 and 852E GreenZapr, responsible field owners will get the opportunity to use the power of UVC disinfection to ensure the safety of their players.

It has all the distinctive features of the previous model combined with a smaller, improved design for higher efficiency and better performance.