Customers have asked me for years if GreensGroomer Worldwide would one day manufacturer an all-inclusive unit containing both brushes and tine rakes. In 2015, GreensGroomer Worldwide introduced the 926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer.  The response from customers has overwhelmed the industry.

Built-In Tine Rakes

The new 926 model groomer was designed with built-in tine rakes so your turf can perform to its peak ability. Now that the spring tine rakes are inclusive with the frame, manually removing or attaching the spring tine rakes is unnecessary.  We still sell the tine rake attachment if you have the model 920 SDE and have tine envy. The new design will save both time and money.

Patent Granted for The 926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer

As with all equipment GreensGroomer Worldwide manufacturers, patent protection is part of the process.  June 6th, 2017 patent number US9668397B2 was approved for Mike Davis, owner of GreensGroomer Worldwide.  For over 20+ years GreensGroomer Worldwide has been designing and building high-quality artificial turf maintenance equipment. You don’t see GreensGroomer selling artificial turf because the turf maintenance equipment is the focus. When a company focuses on what it does best, you win.

926 Integrated Groomer Specs

Main Frame 2-inch square tube (11 gauge) with 1-1/2 inch (10 gauge) Square tube crossbars
Drawbar One-piece 2-inch square tube
Length 64 inches. 72 inches with a rear brush attachment (106 inches overall including the draw-bar)
Width 72 inches
Weight 345 lbs.
Running Gear 2 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with Oil Impregnated Graf oil bushings
Electric Lift 1000 lb. capacity Electric 12-volt linear actuator
Finish Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating
Spring Tines 3 rows of 14 tines, 3/16” diameter w/ 40° tip bend, 7/8” spacing
Brushes (16) Super-Duty Blue Brushes Bristles attached to polypropylene head – 4-12”; 8-18”; 4-41”
Brush Weight 26 lbs. – Full Set Blue
Shipping Crate 75-1/2” x 69-3/4” x 29”
Crated Weight 415 lbs.

Quick Facts

The 926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer represents the third design and development for the groomer.  With heavy-duty steel construction, the Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer has 16 Super Duty Blue brushes. The brushes are purposely set at various angles in order to provide maximum efficiency as the groomer is towed. The Integrated Spring Tine Rake has 3 rows of 14 tines that are fully adjustable and allow for surface de-compaction without damage to the turf. Once the tines have done their part, the synthetic brushes will stand the turf filaments up.

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926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer Parts Diagram

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926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer Rake Features

The spring tines are adjustable with a simple sliding lever. This allows the operator to quickly and easily rotate the tines upwards and out-of-the-way when not needed. When the field requires the tine rakes, a simple motion rotates the tines into the raking mode in one easy step. The spring tines are completely adjustable, so the depth of raking is controlled by the operator of the equipment. Simple markings on the lever rail allow the operator to precisely dial in tine depth. Your turf should never be damaged by the tines because the design of the 926 will guard against damage.

Integrated Groomer on Field

Integration With the Spring Tine Rake

We like to use a golf analogy when describing how important the Spring Tine Rake is to the overall performance of your turf.  Here we go, your out golfing and you hit your golf ball into a sand trap.  As you physically enter the sand trap you immediately know if the sand was recently raked. Turf fields that don’t receive tine rake maintenance will have the characteristics of concrete floors, not good. The spring tine rake keeps the infill material loose, which helps prevent injuries and helps with drainage.  Grooming without tine rakes is pointless.