When you need a workhorse groomer for the golf course, think first about the 944 HDE FairwayGroomer. This electric lift groomer with included extensions wings is your horse. When the wings are fully deployed you are looking at a piece of equipment that covers a lot of grass rather quickly. 12 feet of white brushes for Heavy Sand Applications, Core Busting, and Bermuda Grass.

Is the 944 HDE Fairway Groomer the Right Choice for You?

That being said, each course has its own characteristics. Characteristics of grass that might require the stiffer white brushes or perhaps the black brushes which are a little less aggressive. Feel free to call us or email us and explain what type of seed you are using and what your goals are. We can help recommend the proper brushes. A great article was written by John Walsh, August 25th, 2008, called Top Dressing Techniques and published by Golf Course Industry is a great read.

Transport made easy with the retractable wings on the 944 HDE Fairway Groomer. The 944 HDE Fairway Groomer has a 12-foot span when fully deployed. The beauty of the retractable wings is having the ability to get to the next hole without any issues. If you have a walk-way as your only access point, no problem, retract and go. The patented system is built to bust cores and to make heavy top dressing a snap.

Walsh, J. (2008). Topdressing techniques (Turfgrass management). [online] Golf Course Industry. Available at: https://www.golfcourseindustry.com/article/topdressing-techniques–turfgrass-management-/ [Accessed 17 Jul. 2019].

944 Fairway Groomer_Wing_Installation