Artificial Turf Equipment Buy Commercial Grade!

The time has finally come, your current artificial turf maintenance equipment which seems to be always broken and was probably “given” to you by those nice artificial turf sales guys is in need of replacement.  The same sales guys who told you that your new artificial turf won’t really need any maintenance but for when it does, provided a piece of maintenance equipment, “just in case” they say. We have preached and preached to those who write the checks for the artificial turf projects. You are spending a million bucks plus on a new turf field so spend some money on quality, commercial grade equipment.

Commercial Grade Equipment American Made

American Made artificial turf maintenance equipment.  Such a simple sentence but so powerful in meaning. You want American Made commercial grade equipment for the reliability factor, lower cost factor, and the replacement parts availability.  Think of your new turf field like a new car.  If you don’t change the oil and do preventative maintenance the car is going to break down and will be a piece of junk sooner than the expected lifespan of the car.

We have also covered this topic before but as a reminder to the fiscally responsible parties writing the checks for your new turf,


That’s right, know how much your equipment will cost and don’t let the turf manufacturing companies bundle the equipment because you will be paying an extremely high cost for the equipment.

How much does commercial grade equipment cost?

Hey, this is what we do and why you stopped by, time to get a quote.  What we won’t do is do it with high sales pressure. The commercial grade equipment we sell doesn’t need to be puffed up and pitched.  We have provided a simple form for you to fill out.  The information we are asking for allows us to get a proper shipping quote from the manufacturer.  Our industry is a little odd in that all equipment originates from the manufacturer in Indianapolis. Typically the turn around time from quote request to quote in your inbox is less than 24 hours and more likely you will be reading your quote in a couple of hours.

There are times after receiving your quote request we might send you a clarification email on the piece of equipment you want pricing for. Customer service is our number one priority so we want to make your order correct the first time.  An example of a clarification email might be about replacement parts and make sure you get the right brushes for the groomer.  A GreensGroomer groomer now has two models. Model 720 which is no longer in production but still supported and model 920.  A quick and easy way to tell which model you might have is dark green color is model 720.  Light green in color is the new model 920 SDE Synthetic Turf Groomer.

Groomer or Sweeper or Both?

Another example is a new facility that is looking for pricing on the 760 LitterKat Sweeper.  The LitterKat is a great piece of equipment but your facility should always start with a Groomer if you don’t have one already.  A Groomer versus a LitterKat, both commercial grade, will save you thousands and will be the proper first piece of equipment for your new field.

We will also ask you to simply respond to the returned quote email as receiving it because the spam settings on some of the computers are touchy.  If we send the quote and don’t hear anything from you after 24 hours we might email or call to verify that you received the quote.

Customer Service

Education is our number one goal.  We are always available to you on the phone so feel free to call us.  If by some chance you get a recording, leave a message and we will return that call immediately.  If you have a part question and are looking for the exact replacement part, call us.  What we typically do is give you a phone number in which you can text us a picture of the part. We are proud to say we have a 100% accuracy on getting the correct part the first time, technology does help sometimes.