Sports Turf Northwest is excited to announce  new and redesigned GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment for 2014.   GreensGroomer has launched three new pieces of maintenance equipment to help keep synthetic turf, golf courses and even indoor athletic facilities in working order.

920 SDE – Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer with Blue Brushes

*Photo shown with optional Spring Tine Rake

920 SDE GreensGroomer

First introduced in 1996,the GreensGroomer set the standard.  It was the first simple, single pass solution for synthetic turf surfaces.  So what would make it better? More brushes of course because this means less work! Really. GreensGroomer’s new synthetic turf groomer comes loaded with 16 super duty blue brushes. With the explosive growth of  synthetic turf fields over the last ten years, GreensGroomer continues to be the industry leader. With focus on synthetic turf specific issues like compaction, the GreensGroomer 920 SDE stands up synthetic fibers, redistributes infill material and softly brushes the surface.  The new GreensGroomer 920 SDE is the best model yet and allows for top notch care of synthetic turf  fields.

920 E – Natural Turf GreensGroomer

920 E GreensGroomer

Our original product has grown throughout the years, and this new design makes caring for natural turf so quick and easy, the equipment pays for itself. Breaking down aeration cores, filling holes and controlling the grain is what the GreensGroomer 920 E does best. Sand is able to move in three directions for every three feet of forward motion with no hopping and skipping. It is truly a one pass operation, which saves so much time! Complete with the electric actuator, this natural turf equipment is easy to transport, making it a one of a kind piece of equipment that every golf course should envy.

960 miniZapr XL – Sterilize Any Surface in Minutes Using UVC


MRSA and Staph are real threats to sports facilities, gyms, schools, and more. Stories like that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are becoming all too common. The new innovative design of the miniZapr 960 XL, which has a larger 36″ inch deck, eliminates the worry of MRSA by sterilizing mats, floors, locker rooms, showers, and more using UVC light technology to destroy harmful bacteria. Even hard to reach places don’t stand a chance to the miniZapr 960 XL which can be operated with the standard wall plugin or optional on board generator. Don’t forget about the 25 foot reach of the  UVC hand held wand to make sure every surface is covered. Compared to other sterilization methods that use harsh chemicals, the miniZapr 960 XL is the most efficient, most cost-effective method available to the industry.

We Are Experts in Healthy Turf and Healthy Athletes, So Ask Questions!

We are excited about the new possibilities with the addition of new and improved equipment and you should be too. We sell the best maintenance equipment available. We sell all across the country and do so at competitive prices.  Our customers are colleges, high schools,  golf courses, and more.  Contact us with your questions we will be happy to answer any question. For more information on all our equipment please check out our blog for loads of information on best practices for turf and sports facilities.