What does it take to inspire you? How about a man like Brian Grant, who struggled in school, managed to be recruited into a top basketball college, then goes on to be the #8 draft pick in the NBA? Wait, there’s more. After 12 successful years in the NBA,  he struggled through what he calls, “The Big Four”. “The Big Four” refers to retiring from professional sports, overcoming depression, getting divorced, and being told he had Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. And you know what? After all that…he hasn’t given up…on anything. Brian spent his days in the NBA playing for the Portland Trailblazers, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Lakers. In 1999, he was the league winner of the NBA’s prestigious J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship award for his extensive community service work, particularly with seriously ill and underprivileged children.

Life After The NBA

In 2008, he was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Since 2008, Brian Grant has started The Brian Grant Foundation which works to empower unique and fulfilling lives for people with Parkinson’s Disease. He also became a Founding Partner At Sports Turf NW, a business based around the idea of keeping artificial turf safe, clean, and disease free for anyone playing sports whether it is professional athletes or children. That is a lot of accomplishment for one man.

Brian Grant Speaking to Motivation

Brian Grant got the opportunity to share his story, in his own words, just a few weeks ago at the TEDxPortland event at the Portland Art Museum on April 27th, 2013. Alongside Tom Brokaw, Laurie Marker PHD, Naomi Pomeroy, and many other inspiring souls, Brian Grant shared his journey as struggling history student, NBA athlete, and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease patient.

The video below is the entire talk from Brian Grant at TEDxPortland. It will make you laugh, and maybe even cry. Also included is a fun, sneak peak, of an adventure from The Brian Grant Foundation. Brian Grant along with several other Parkinson’s patients show their fierce determination by climbing to the top of Mt. St. Helens!

More inspiring Tedx videos can be found on YouTube on the TedxTalks channel.

Sports Turf NW Supports The Brian Grant Foundation

We are proud to have Brian Grant on our team, and gladly support the Brian Grant Foundation as a cause that is as near to our hearts. A percentage of every sale made to Sports Turf NW goes directly to the Brian Grant Foundation to help change the lives of people with Parkinson’s Disease.  Our partnership with the Brain Grant Foundation has been very rewarding and we look forward to sharing more stories with you in the future. If your interested, take a peek at one of our previous posts, Brian Grant Spends a Day With Metro Toy Drive.

More information on The Brian Grant Foundation can be found at www.BrianGrant.org.