860 MiniZapr is a great solution to protect kids at daycare

This week the Kansas Department of Health and Environment ordered a day care facility closed.  The Wichita Eagle’s Beccy Tanner reports. The reason, Lana Jean Haines who operates the day care put all the children at risk with the superbug MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  MRSA is very dangerous and life threatening.  Day care facilities and MRSA are two items that should never be spoken of together.  The simple reason is day care facilities need to be proactive against the fight of MRSA.

We think of kids being safe at day care but the danger is with MRSA, you can’t see MRSA.  Parents assume their kids are safe when in reality parents should be vigilant and demand preventative action.  For over five years now I have written about the dangers of staph, MRSA and all the other nasty bugs.  I have been very vocal about the failure of artificial turf owners, wrestling mat users, yoga mat users and yoga studios and other facilities that simply ignore the danger.

The danger with MRSA is that it is in the community already but facilities are only reactive when entities like the Department of Health and Environment step in and force action.  I can tell you first hand that I am contacted by parents looking for answers to staph and MRSA.  I read every day the bulletins across the country of schools experiencing a MRSA outbreak.  I can see how parents don’t feel their kids are at risk. Unless you read the daily Google alerts you wouldn’t know that across the country health departments are at war against MRSA.  Who should you pay attention to?  The answer is the CDC of Atlanta.  The Center for Disease Control offers up guidelines to the dangers of MRSA and preventative solutions against being infected with MRSA.

The CDC explains the five C’s and the relationship of each C and MRSA.  The CDC is saying hey, pay attention parents and here is why.  You only need one of the five C’s to contract MRSA.  Here is a reminder of what the five C’s stand for.

  1. Crowding-A bunch of kids in a confined area
  2. Contact-Skin to Skin contact
  3. Compromised Skin-In this case the adult had the cut or abrasion
  4. Contaminated surfaces-If you have MRSA you will come in contact with objects others will touch
  5. Lack of Cleanliness

Here is a widely read article, Trust the Center For Disease Control When It Comes to Facts About MRSA and Staph

I sell equipment, the 860 MiniZapr that uses UVC light no chemicals to destroy staph and MRSA.  I became involved with the issue when I was approached to find a solution to a staph infection.  The more research I did, the more I realized that the public is uneducated and facilities are ignoring the problem.  Parents, force your kids’ facilities to put in place a preventative program.  Force the facilities to call me so I can explain the danger they are putting your kids in.

Mike Woelfel