The Honest and Cost Conscious Dealer

At Sports Turf Northwest, we wholeheartedly believe that buying equipment from us will save you money. Based on this belief, we’ve decided almost a decade ago to solely sell GreensGroomer products. This has helped us guarantee our customers the exemplary service they’ve been looking for. We have always been the #1 Online Artificial Turf Equipment Dealer.

All Dealerships Have Equipment Shipped from Indianapolis

Did you know that all GreensGroomer products are shipped from Indianapolis? This basically means that all artificial turf equipment dealers authorized by GreensGroomer, will never have a lower shipping cost. 

You might think that buying equipment from the nearest GreensGroomer dealer in your city/state is the thing to do because it’ll help reduce shipping costs. However, since all GreensGroomer manufactured equipment and parts are shipped from Indianapolis, there won’t be any bearing on shipping costs. 

Unlike many GreensGroomer dealers, Sports Turf Northwest DOES NOT add any additional charges on top of the shipping cost. We assuredly guarantee the lowest shipping rate you can get when ordering a GreensGroomer product. 

Please keep in mind that no GreensGroomer-authorized dealer will have inventory of equipment on-hand. As a result, every dealer must include shipping expenses that the end-user pays.

Buying Equipment from Us Will Save You Money
All Shipping Originates from Indianapolis so Order From Us. No Added Charges as We Pass On Our Cost.


Even though Sports Turf Northwest is far in distance from Indianapolis (The USA is the market we serve), our shipping costs are the lowest. Think of this, any location being shipped too costs the same as the cost that a dealer from Indianapolis will charge you. 

We Only Represent GreensGroomer Equipment

Would you rather buy equipment from a dealer that sells only GreensGroomer equipment or a dealer that has other lines of products? Do you believe a John Deere dealership is knowledgeable about GreensGroomer equipment as we are?  Cost is vital and Sports Turf NW sells equipment at lower prices, more on that shortly. 

The answer about knowledge is crystal clear, don’t you think? In order to provide customers with amazing support, you have to know all the ins and outs of every product you sell. This is hard to do when you’re selling several products from several manufacturers. If you can sell a $500,000.00 dollar tractor or a Groomer under $5,000.00 of course you are going to spend your time and effort on the tractor. 

Since we only sell GreensGroomer equipment, we’re able to provide our customers with an extreme high level of support. There is literally no situation we can’t handle.  Imagine educating, selling to and supporting a customer in the Mariana Islands. The whole deal was done via the Internet, just shows the trust our clients believe in us. 

Further, our experience doesn’t just stem from selling a single manufacturer’s products, but it also stems from personal experience and run-ins with industry-related problems. In actuality, Sports Turf Northwest was founded out of the need to solve artificial turf problems and the solution being equipment. 

Our Philosophy For Buying Equipment Is Volume Over Margin

In a world where a lot of established businesses champion low volume and high margin, Sports Turf Northwest is a proud low-margin business that champions selling more units to more entities at a lower cost. We operate with the cost-conscious end user in mind, who typically are educational facilities or government facilities.  

Long-term relationships between us and our customers is critical. Our goal is to sell at comparatively lower prices than other dealers and favor volume over margin. We look to garner as many happy clients as we can, rather than exhaust our pool of customers. 

We Provide Lightning Fast Quotes for Free

Being able to provide fast and accurate quotes to all our potential clients. Simply fill out THIS FORM and we’ll get back to you with a free and explicit quote as soon as an hour at times. Our goal is to respond to all quotes within a matter of a day. 

You’ll notice in the form that we ask for your contact information. The reason why we do that is so we can offer you a precise shipping quote. Keep in mind that all products are American built, American supported, and shipped exclusively from Indianapolis, IN. 

Like we already mentioned, we don’t upcharge for shipping at all. Not only that, but we also source multiple rate quotes so that we can offer customers the most economical option. Sports Turf Northwest simply guarantees the lowest possible charge. 

We also feel the need to point out that we never have and never will utilize the contact information you provide to sell to third parties. All of the monkey business that annoying sales entities tend to employ has no place in our book, as we do not tolerate it.

Another thing we’d like to point out is that the quote requests we receive early in the day have the highest chance of receiving a quote within the very same day. If you request a quote later in the afternoon, you’ll receive it the next morning (East Coast Time). 

Keep in mind that all of the information in the form must be submitted. If you only submit your email address, it’s highly likely that you won’t receive a quote from us. If you don’t receive a quote within 24 hours, we recommend checking your spam folder. 

To Summarize Our Sales Beliefs

GreenGroomer dealers are a dime a dozen today. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an equipment dealer like Sports Turf Northwest. As much as we know about every single GreenGroomer piece of equipment, means you will be in the right hands. We only sell GreensGroomer and we will help you buy equipment the right way, the honest way. 

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