Donald Hill in Photo. Ex Football Coach at Morgan State

I receive incredible information all the time from concerned parents.  What parents are getting sick of is the lack of attention being placed upon synthetic turf and Staph Infections.  Recently I was sent an article that was written in 2008 by Sandra McKee of the Baltimore Sun.  What is most shocking about the article is a quote from Donald Hill,  past football coach at Morgan State.

Football Coach Points The Finger at Synthetic Turf

“I’ve been in coaching a long time,” Morgan State coach Donald Hill said. “I’d seen maybe one or two staph infections in all my time in football. But three years ago, we put down a new synthetic turf on our football field, and we began to have three to four cases a week.

Take a moment a read the whole article.  The information is important but the story of Staph and MRSA is the same.  Until facilities that operate synthetic turf take a proactive attitude to prevent Staph and MRSA infections, all athletes will continue to be at risk.  Putting athletes at risk is irresponsible and the dangers preventable. Football coaches are the tip of the spear so to speak on witnessing infections. It is the football coach who ultimately must decide if their players are at risk. 

To all concerned parents and athletes, please share with me your experience in dealing with Staph and MRSA.  Simply use the Contact Page to get in touch and share your story. If you would like to call, please do so. I will share as much or as little information as you decide. I treat all conversations as confidential and will never share information without your approval.

Campaign Steps Up to Bat to Stop Staph Infections

Mike Woelfel


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