GreensGroomer facility in Indianapolis, Indiana
The assembly line for Greensgroomer made equipment


GreensGroomer Manufactures Turf Equipment

At Sports Turf NW, we are committed to selling only the best in natural and synthetic turf solutions. We stand firmly behind our choice to sell only the latest technology available in synthetic turf maintenance and safety. For that, we trust only one brand, GreensGroomer Worldwide. GreensGroomer products are made in the United States and have proven over time to be made with only the highest quality manufacturing and with only the customer in mind.

What Makes the Equipment #1

Most GreensGroomer equipment is made with aluminum construction covered with durable powder coating that will last for the lifetime of the equipment. Parts and pieces are fabricated in the United States, and all synthetic turf equipment includes a one-year limited warranty backed by GreensGroomer. Now at over 8,000 facilities worldwide, GreensGroomer equipment has proven its superior quality and technological capabilities. Synthetic turf equipment like the 760LitterKat, 850 GreenZapr, 860 MiniZapr, and 926 Integrated Groomer are the perfect investment for sports facilities. Proper maintenance equipment will keep turf fields both clean and safe for athletes and patrons.


GreensGroomer began in 1996 when Mike Davis (President) and his wife Jill retired from the airline industry after 30 years of dedicated service. There were humble beginnings for GreensGroomer in Indianapolis, Indiana where Mike and Jill used a small airplane hangar to handle assembly and shipping, while at the start parts were contracted out.

After proving the quality of their equipment and achieving some business success, they were able to expand their facilities. GreensGroomer now operates in a state of the art facility in Indianapolis, where all natural and synthetic turf equipment is manufactured inside; including fabrication, assembly, and shipping. Sports facilities everywhere including The Ohio State University, University of Texas, Texas A &M University, LSU, and the Orange Bowl Field at Moore Park all use synthetic turf equipment manufactured by GreensGroomer.

Sports Turf Northwest is the Premier Dealer of GreensGroomer Equipment

Sports Turf NW provides GreensGroomer equipment anywhere in the United States. We are happy to be sourcing athletic facilities, golf courses, synthetic field owners, indoor soccer arenas and more with the highest quality equipment in synthetic turf maintenance and safety. For maintenance, we offer LitterKat and Synthetic GreensGroomer. For turf safety, we offer the latest in germicidal UVC (ultraviolet light) technology to help zap away harmful bacteria that spread disease and infections through synthetic turf. Look to the GreenZapr and MiniZapr for protection from MRSA, Staph, and even HIV. Call Sports Turf Northwest to find out more about any of these products or with questions regarding synthetic turf maintenance and safety.