GreensGroomer Design-Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability

For almost three decades now, GreensGroomer Worldwide has built maintenance equipment around a very simple belief.  “Low Mechanical Complexity and High Reliability”, this phrase sums up Mike Davis’s formula for success.  Mike Davis is the owner of GreensGroomer Worldwide.  GreensGroomer Design has evolved to be the #1, American Made manufacturer of maintenance equipment for the Golf industry, Synthetic turf industry and UVC equipment for sterilization of surfaces.

GreensGroomer Design

GreensGroomer Design=Low Mechanical Complexity High Reliability

American Made equipment should be the first choice for schools and the government.  Yes, there are other choices for maintenance equipment but when you factor in the quality of construction and the top line components the list is short. Another important manufacturing principle that GreensGroomer adheres to is, “To develop products which combine performance with a lower total cost of ownership”.  This phrase is a Mike Davis belief and the guiding force of Mike’s proper design principles. When you have equipment that can operate continuously and is not broken down, your total cost of ownership is reduced.

Does this mean the turf equipment will never be in the need of repair? No, it does not, but when repairs are needed GreensGroomer has the parts ready and available.  Your facility does not want to wait for weeks for a replacement part to be shipped from overseas. You need the part now and we deliver.

20 + Years have come quickly and with over two decades of success, what is next? All very successful companies, it is the unknown future that needs to be forecasted for. GreensGroomer has already proven its ability to spot trends and build maintenance equipment in anticipation of demand.  Mike Davis is a visionary who saw the birth of the synthetic turf maintenance equipment industry.

Before GreensGroomer Design for Synthetic Turf Was Golf Maintenance Equipment

GreensGroomer Worldwide had already been building quality maintenance products for the golf industry. It was a natural fit to expand the product lines to include synthetic turf maintenance equipment.  Synthetic turf needs maintenance and proper maintenance will help the synthetic turf have a long life.  At one time, turf manufacturers were selling synthetic turf fields on the premise of no maintenance needed.   This little sales pitch sounded great to the school boards but in reality, it was the farthest thing from the truth.  Buy proper maintenance equipment in the beginning, your field will thank you for it.

Connecting the dots between synthetic turf and the health and safety of athletes was another Mike Davis discovery.  Enter the 850 GreenZapr and 860 MiniZapr UVC sterilizers to the lineup of maintenance equipment for synthetic turf.  When you have human bodies and human bodily fluids on one surface, you are bound to have health problems.  Mike saw the danger and set about designing and building equipment that uses UVC germicidal ultraviolet (UV-C) light to sterilize the playing surface against harmful microorganisms. Even though our topic is GreensGroomer Design, you first prove your capability.

Health Dangers Mean Nothing When Big Money Turf Manufacturers Dispute The Issue

MRSA and Staph are two of the more well-known names associated with sports. All sports facilities should be proactive for the safety of athletes.  It has been no surprise that turf manufacturers say there is no problem with Staph and MRSA on synthetic turf but we would like to think that the CDC in Atlanta and the other health care professionals around the world know much more about the dangers athletes are faced with.  It took a visionary like Mike Davis to choose a solution to the problem that did not include chemicals but a technology that has been around for many decades.

What will GreensGroomer do next?  Well, we will all have to sit back and wait for the next unveiling of revolutionary equipment.  Here’s to another 30 Years ahead of us and GreensGroomer Design principles.

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