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Made In The USA

How important are the three letters U-S-A when deciding on purchasing artificial turf maintenance equipment? Without a doubt, USA is the number one reason you should consider buying GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA. American manufacturing provides reliability which the military and all schools facilities need. High schools and universities should consider GreensGroomer Worldwide as the first option when selecting artificial turf maintenance equipment. Foreign imports of maintenance equipment do not compare to American made products with regard to quality.

First, let’s take a look at GreensGroomer Worldwide and see why the artificial turf equipment manufactured in America is the industry leader. When you are in business for over 20 years, you are doing something right. Having the vision to innovate as Mike Davis, owner of GreensGroomer Worldwide does, makes you the industry leader. To summarize the opening paragraph in the GreensGroomer Worldwide brochure, tells you what you need to know about the company.

GreensGroomer is the industry standard for sports turf groomers.  It’s built to be an extremely rugged unit, engineered to include the perfect performance features for turf maintenance.  Perfect balance side to side and front to back.

When words like standard, perfect and rugged are used in a brochure, you better support the claims you make and GreensGroomer has that ability.  American manufacturing is making a huge comeback.  American companies are making the switch to bring back the manufacturing process to the United States. Quality and cost are two of the factors as cited for the switch.  Here in the USA, we have standards for manufacturing and these standards ensure high quality.

Keeping Jobs in America

American manufacturing also brings back jobs to the United States which helps the economy grow. You might think manufacturing costs will be higher in the United States but when you add in international shipping and taxes the argument holds no water. GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA, specifically Indianapolis.

GreensGroomer Equipment is Made In The USA

Back in 1933, a new law was created by President Hoover, the Buy American Act. The new law stated that the US government is bound to source purchases first with American made products. This act is great.  When the US government needs to buy products, the law says US taxpayer dollars will only be used to buy American products and not products outsourced around the world. The Buy American Act is a federal law but many states have decided to follow suit. Some states include the Buy American Act as part of their buying process which is great.  The Buy American Act should also be used by both high schools and universities. American tax dollars are at work making sure that US citizens receive a first-rate education so why not support American manufacturers who have products available to them?

Quality is one trait vital to American made products and this trait is highlighted by American auto companies. Who would have thought that a fast upstart would disrupt the entire auto industry? I’m talking about Tesla who just overtook Ford as the number two ranked car manufacturer according to market value. The rankings are General Motors at $50.8 billion, Tesla $48 billion and Ford with $45 billion. The important thing to get out of this is that Americans want cars manufactured by American companies.

American Built and American Supported

American built products are one thing but supporting American made products with needed service and parts is another thing. GreensGroomer Worldwide supports every product it manufactures. GreensGroomer Worldwide has a dealer network ready to support anyone who needs a replacement part. Time and time again I hear from facilities that have bought foreign manufactured artificial turf equipment and have a hell of a time trying to get replacement parts. GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment has a full complement of replacement parts.

Other artificial turf equipment manufacturers are located in such places as Bavaria, Netherlands, and Germany. When you need a quote or are ready to buy new artificial turf equipment think about GreensGroomer Worldwide commitment to America. Think about the jobs GreensGroomer creates and the quality associated with their products. Think about the 1933 act and how you can support it. For those schools that have the choice to decide between foreign or American products, think about this, GreensGroomer equipment is made in the USA.

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