Sports Turf Northwest Is Your Artificial Turf Equipment Dealer

Time to bring light to the fact that finding your local (Internet) GreensGroomer Worldwide Equipment Dealer is as easy as typing www.

Ok, there is more to it and we will cover all the issues shortly.  Everyone should remember that the Internet has changed the way business is now conducted.  No longer must an institutional buyer be limited in their purchasing options. Institutional customers have the ability to research which artificial turf equipment, American Made preferred, (talking about school districts, colleges, government agencies, and private facilities) can purchase from whomever they choose to.  Buying decisions usually start with price. Locating your local GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment dealer no longer starts with the yellow pages.

Jeff Bezos, everyone knows this guy, and what he has done with Amazon is simply amazing.  Mr. Bezos first said he was going to sell books online and everyone laughed at him.  Well, Mr. Bezos had a plan and his plan was complete and utter dominance to sell goods and services to consumers and a lower price. Remember this old school term?, paradigm shift, and yes Mr. Bezos should now be called Jeff Paradigm Shift Bezos.  I prefer ass kicker to the old school.   Amazon simply changed the way we consumers source and purchase products. Instead of looking first for a local dealer of something we want, we see what Amazon has. We want information NOW and we want products NOW and Mr. Bezos is delivering.  In my case, as a local equipment dealer for GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment, my local sales territory is the Internet.

Your GreensGroomer Equipment Dealer 

Let’s talk price.  Now, all schools must source three separate bids on equipment. Once the school receives three bids, approval can be given for the purchase. This is a good thing because in my industry we are still operating in the yellow pages era.  Three bids equal three prices but that shouldn’t mean looking for the three dealer locations closest to the school.  Sourcing three quotes across the country are what schools should be required. Here’s a little secret everyone should know by now.  All GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment is American Made.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the local relationships that dealers have made with their customers over the years and that should never end.  I have helped many GreensGroomer Equipment Dealers when potential customers believe I’m the manufacturer and have contacted me for a quote.  But if all equipment is getting shipped from the same place then the questions need an answer to who has the best price and best service?

Best Customer Service

Personally, I pride myself on answer the phone when it rings.  Sometimes that phone rings at 4:00 am because the east coast wants to talk with someone because they sorta forget we might be sleeping.  You want to call me on the weekend, feel free because I will answer your call.  One thing I am proud of and it has cost me plenty of sales is doing the right thing for the potential customer.

Everyone wants to buy the LitterKat Turf Sweeper but if your facility doesn’t have a Groomer, than you better be looking at a Groomer with tine rakes first.  Hint, 926 Integrated Groomer.

What Comes First? Synthetic Groomer or LitterKat Turf Debris Collector

School District Procurement Associations-Lord Help Us All

School districts and Procurement Associations, are they in the best interest to the taxpayer?  I have very strong feelings when a school district decides to buy equipment from an “approved” equipment dealer.  Schools should purchase supplies like toilet paper, pens, paper, and other bulk items in quantities that offer bulk discounts to schools because it’s a better deal for the school district.  When schools start buying artificial turf equipment via an approved procurement association, which could be located in their state or across the country, I think it’s a complete slap in the face to the taxpayers of the school district.

Products I sell, like the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper or 926 Integrated Groomer have variable costs and variable shipping charges.  A school that bypasses the competitive bid process and purchases equipment straight from an approved Procurement Association is costing taxpayers money. And acting quite lazy about the process.  Three phone calls for three bids or one email to the procurement association, that is the difference of saving thousands of dollars.  Take a look at any of the Federal Government purchasing pages. Purchase requests specify American Made equipment but list the products on the spec sheet to come from Europe.   The Buy American Act of 1933 helps manufacturers against cheap imports.