Aeration of greens, fairways and tee boxes does not have to be a costly endeavor. If you are looking for a very cost-effective method that relies on the addition or subtraction of water to produce different aeration depths, the GreensSlicer delivers. The GreensSlicer requires no power, uses split tine shafts to allow for tight turning without damaging the greens and has 2 inches on center tire spacing. Transporting the GreensSlicer is accomplished by the electric actuator that raises and lowers the wheels.

Benefits of the GreensSlicer

  • Split Shaft Design-Minimizes Turf Damage
  • No Separate Power Source
  • Infinite Fill Tank Adjustment
  • 0-400 lb Adjustment
  • 2000 lb Electric Lift Actuator

Why You Need to Aerate

Model TS-48 GreensSlicer Aerator
Main Frame 2-inch square tube w/ steel wire protection cages
Draw Bar One-piece 2” square tube
Length 43 inches (89 inches overall including the drawbar)
Width 55 inches
Weight 430 lbs.
Running Gear 2 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with oil Impregnated Graf oil bushings
Finish Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including degreaser and anti-rust coating
Electric Lift 2000 lb. capacity Electric 12 volt linear actuator
Shipping Crate 58” x 42” x 38”
Crated Weight 730 lbs.

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