We have previously discussed the direct relationship between Sports Turf Northwest and GreensGroomer. You can read about our choice to carry the only brand we feel is adequately meeting the needs of turf managers looking for the best in turf maintenance and safety. In another layer to our unique relationship, American Ultraviolet is a key contributor to the design and specifications of two of our favorite GreensGroomer products, GreenZapr and MiniZapr.

About American Ultraviolet

american ultraviolet

American Ultraviolet is an industry leader in ultraviolet technology. Founded in 1960, American Ultraviolet began manufacturing the highest quality UV and UVC lights approximately 35 years before most of today’s ultraviolet companies. Their last company move left them in Lebanon, Indiana in 1995 with an expansive 70,000 square foot facility and an additional sales office located in New Jersey. Since their big move to Indiana, they have also acquired several other ultraviolet companies, including Aetek UV Systems, UV Source, and Lesco UV. Additional offices have also opened in Cary, North Carolina and Torrence, California.

After both companies formed in Indiana, GreensGroomer founder Mike Davis made an excellent choice in working with American Ultraviolet to supply the lights found on both the GreenZapr and MiniZapr products. American Ultraviolet lights in the GreenZapr and MiniZapr use state of the art germicidal UVC technology to rid turf and other surfaces of bacteria and germs. American Ultraviolet is the obvious leader in all areas of UV technology, including hospital UV, water treatment UV, and UV air sterilization technology (including HVAC UV light sterilization equipment).

Features of American Ultraviolet  UVC Germicidal Lights 
American Ultraviolet lights feature the highest High Output (HO) Lamps.  This means they operate with greater efficiency than lamps offered by other companies. According to American Ultraviolet, their UVC Germicidal Fixtures also:

  • Resist moisture, which prevents corrosion on lamp ends and electrical connections that can shorten lamp life
  • Feature patent pending lamps that are the easiest to install and replace
  • Contain lamps that offer a two-year guarantee of operation with only a 20% decrease in output over the two years
  • Offer “Green” lamps that contain ≤ 8mg of mercury
  • Are made, assembled and tested in the USA
  • Can be used in unique custom in-duct and coil installations, for example, when very high volume airflow situations exist
  • Can be ordered with indicator lamps that notify customers when the lamp life has expired
  • Are very easy to maintain – simply wipe down with a damp cloth when performing already scheduled filter cleaning – no additional maintenance is necessary

GreenZapr and MiniZapr Use UVC Technology To Keep Turf Safe

Sports Turf Northwest is proud to stand with GreensGroomer and American Ultraviolet to supply everything turf managers need to keep both indoor and outdoor athletic turf safe for athletes and patrons. The GreenZapr is the perfect technology to rid large outdoor fields from the risk of MRSA, Staph, and HIV. For smaller indoor spaces, Sports Turf NW recommends the MiniZapr with the same powerful germicidal killing power found in the GreenZapr, but with a smaller body and the ability to easily plug it into any electric wall outlet. Both the GreenZapr and the MiniZapr can be shipped anywhere in the United States. If you have questions about how to keep your athletic turf safe using UVC germicidal light technology, call Sports Turf NW today. 800-541-1285