When Your Synthetic Turf Needs to Look Good

Now with a name like LitterKat, you can be excused for thinking that we are discussing an exciting new cat product. In actuality, the LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper actually has little to do with cats or cat litter. This piece of synthetic turf maintenance equipment is a sweeper that removes debris from synthetic turf. If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use way to maintain your turf, we highly recommend this product for a wide range of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at LitterKat and why it is a stellar way to maintain turf of all kinds.

How Does the LitterKat Work on Synthetic Turf?

One of the great things about the LitterKat is that when infill material is collected, it is quickly returned to the field. A feature that makes the LitterKat extremely valuable is the ability to collect the infill from one area that has excess infill. Collecting infill without disbursement is accomplished by not activating the vibrators. When the LitterKat arrives at the area needing infill simply active the vibrators. The transported infill has now been moved. The machine also comes with a 6-foot tow behind magnet. This magnet is designed to pull ferrous material deep out from the infill. This means that unwanted items like safety pins and nails will be collected. Is that a valuable feature? In short, this is a brilliant approach to a serious problem and makes LitterKat very useful and worthwhile!

Random debris like tape, pens and pencils and foods like sunflower seed shells will also be removed from the field. Even the smallest objects will be automatically picked up from the synthetic turf. In effect, the LitterKat is taking field safety to a new level. In addition, providing peace of mind for everyone utilizing the field.

The goal of this impressive piece of equipment is to keep synthetic turf clean and safe and, in this regard, it no doubt excels. Additionally, LitterKat is that it is simple to maintain and quite easy to use.  Visit the 760 LitterKat Product Spec Page for full details.

Transportation Made Simple

Transporting this machine is also easy, thanks to a lightweight utility cart. This utility cart pulls the LitterKat and it is built on sturdy aluminum wheels. As a result, the cleaning process is fast and streamlined.

Simply stated, LitterKat is a winner. This piece of equipment is built on a winning idea, which seeks to effectively eliminate a serious problem in an innovative fashion.