926 Integrated Sports Groomer Parts Diagram

The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer by Greensgroomer Worldwide is an industry leader in synthetic turf grooming. Designed for all synthetic turf infill systems, the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer stands turf fibers up, levels turf infill material, and relieves compaction issues in a single pass. We’ve found that new Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer owners have questions about how to set up their new turf grooming equipment, so we’ve written out some good guidelines to follow. When you receive your brand new Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer it is necessary to complete some simple initial steps before you can get to work on grooming your field.


How To Set Up Your Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer

  1. It is important that you are always working on a level surface in order to allow the finished product to operate effectively.
  2. When the shipping crate arrives, the drawbar will be disconnected from the main unit. Remove the nuts, washers, and bolts from the drawbar.
  3.  Slide the drawbar into place between the tabs on the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer frame, working from the outside of the frame inward, slide the bolt through the tab holes of drawbar and frame.
  4. Secure the washer and nut onto the bolt. Using a 3/4″ socket and 3/4′ wrench tighten the nights so they fit snugly. Be sure not to over-tighten. When attached properly, the bar should move up and down freely.
  5. Use a 3/4″ wrench to loosen the curved arm. Place the arm in position with the drawbar.  Remove the bolt, washers, and nuts from the curved end. Then use them to attach the arm to the drawbar. Be sure not to completely tighten the curved arm bolt.
  6. To attach the spring tine rake(sold separately) , make sure the wheels are slightly down and remove the nut, black washer, and flat washer from the two bolts at the end of the electric actuator arm.
  7. Remove the nuts and bolts attached to the tabs on the spring tine rake.
  8. Slide the rake onto the bolts of the electric actuator arm.
  9. Line up the tabs on the rake with the tabs on the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer. Place the bolt and washer through the tabs. Place the nuts and washers onto the bolts that are through the tabs.
  10. Attach the flat washer, black washer, and nut to the Turf Groomer arm. It is important that the tab bolts are secured tightly. Tighten with a 3/4″ socket and wrench.
  11. Finally, tighten the nuts and washers to the electric actuator bracket.
  12. To attach the rear brush to the spring tine rake slide the brush into place and insert three bolts through the appropriate holes on the Turf Groomer and brush. Attach the washers and nuts. In order for it to work effectively during the grooming process, it is important that the brush is level when being attached. The rear brush attachment is adjustable. As the brushes wear down over time you can loosen the nuts, lower the brush so it is level with ground and re-tighten.
  13. To attach the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer to your service vehicle, raise the drawbar to the hitch and insert the pin. Place the bridge pin through the hole on the pin.
  14. In order for the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer to work, it must be attached to a battery power source. Simply attach the alligator clips to the battery of your vehicle.
  15. Test the power by raising and lowering the unit with the control buttons.
  16. Once you are sure the power is working properly, secure the power cord in place.

Other Helpful Tips

  • When storing the Turf Groomer, do not place it with the brushes down. The bristles will bend and remain that way permanently.  Slightly lower the wheels so the brushes are off the ground.
  • When transporting the unit, be sure to completely lower the wheels.
  • To use the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer, raise the wheels completely, this allows all 14 brushes to properly groom the field.
  • The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer should travel 8-10 mph in order to effectively groom the field. To achieve this the towing vehicle should have a minimum of 15 horsepower.
  • When you groom the field, static will cause some of the infill to jump and attach to the side of the blades. This will make the turf appear darker or dirty. This static will dissipate in 24-48 hours or possibly earlier if it rains.
  • The Synthetic Turf Groomer can be easily cleaned after use with a rake, broom, or with compressed air.

For more information or questions on obtaining a Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer or using one for your field, contact Sports Turf Northwest, the premiere provider of all turf maintenance and safety equipment as well as equipment parts across the United States.