Improving Greens Performance with The GreensGroomer

TopDressing for Amazing Greens Performance

The Original GreensGroomer received a game-changing design update in 2014 to help a courses greens performance. The new design increases the effective surface area and improves brush angles which translates into significant performance gains.  These changes force topdressing deeper into the canopy, creating a healthier turf system more quickly.  The new design also improves the breakup of aeration cores without the need for an additional pass.

Greensgroomer 920E Golf Course Performance Equipment
Want to Save Year Brushes? Use the Kickstand like the Redesigned GreensGroomer is Showing

The new design of the original GreensGroomer and Fairway Groomer has raised the performance bar for topdressing brushes.  It now promises even greater turf performance and labor efficiencies while delivering the same ease of use and lower total cost of ownership.

The hallmark of this patented design is the precise brush dimensions and angles, which move sand in four directions for every four feet of forward movement.  This allows for true one-pass performance, reducing turf stress while breaking aeration cores, filling holes and controlling the grain.

Even the often overlooked design considerations are resident on the GreensGroomer and Fairway Groomer-like perfect balance side to side and front to back.  This balance allows for smooth brushing with no hoping.  It won’t scuff, bruise, or damage turf.  The electric actuator provides an infinite adjustment control, from wheels down transport to wheels up brushing.  This alone makes all the difference.

A Few of The Many Benefits of The 920E GreensGroomer 

  • Drives Topdressing Deeper into the Canopy
  • Breaks Up Aeration Cores More Completely
  • Reduces Stress to Greens
  • Controls Turf Grain
  • Promotes Grass Density and Plant Health
  • Reduces Verticutting Frequency

    GreensGroomer Improves Performance for 2014
    Beautiful Picture of the New Redesigned GreensGroomer

Improving Greens Performance

Even though people may use the GreensGroomer for topdressing, some may not know how terrific the GreensGroomer is to use on greens-especially as part of your mowing routine.

When including the GreensGroomer in your mowing schedule, you’ll reach a better mow quality, more consistent surface, and faster green speeds.  We’ve proven this using a simple measure-cuttings.  Using the same mow height, you’re able to raise the grain prior to a second and third cut, resulting in a tighter, healthier mow.  No longer do you have to drop your mow height to reach faster green speeds.

Just A Few Reasons to Maintain Your Turf

  • Improves Turf Health
  • Creates a Precise, Consistent Cut
  • Results in Faster Greens Speeds Without Lowering Mow Height
  • Results in a Truer, Smoother Roll
  • Safe Grooming All Season Long

5 Easy Steps to Faster Greens Performance

  • Step 1-Mow greens as you normally would. Reserve the trimmings and place into a pile. Identify as “CUT 1”.
  • Step 2-Bring out the GreensGroomer and brush your green with a long, consistent pattern.
  • Step 3-Mow your green again AT THE SAME HEIGHT as previous. Reserve the trimmings and place into a pile.  Identify as “CUT 2”.
  • Step 4-Again, using the GreensGroomer, brush your green in the reverse direction with a long, consistent pattern.
  • Step 5-Mow your green again AT THE SAME HEIGHT as previous. Reserve the trimmings and place into a pile.  Identify as “CUT 3”.

Compare the piles and you’ll be amazed how effective the GreensGroomer is at controlling the grain and improving the mowing quality.  Your golfers will enjoy the more consistent surface and thank you for it.


Source of Material: GreensGroomer Worldwide