Futbol and Artificial Turf

Indoor soccer has established itself as a major sports activity, especially with children and young adults.  One of the key reasons that soccer has been so widely adopted by schools and athletic programs is that soccer, by its very nature, means a great deal of running.  As a result, it provides a great deal of cardiovascular benefits.  Soccer also requires very little equipment and as little as one ball.  This means that soccer is also a cost-effective way to get fit and burn off some calories.  However, in most of the country, it is necessary to move soccer games and practice indoors during the colder and/or rainier months.

Dangers of Indoor Soccer

Soccer has a myriad of diverse benefits, but there are some problems as well.  At the top of the list is the fact that indoor soccer fields and practice areas are usually not properly maintained and often are not disinfected at all.  The materials used to create indoor soccer fields are standard material, basically like carpet.  When bodily fluids soak into a surface like the field and side areas, it is critical to protect the athletes and disinfect the exposed areas.  It is important to recognize the surfaces that get exposed to bodily fluids.  If not properly disinfected, these areas can become danger areas for all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Some of these potential diseases are very serious and include MRSA and Staph.  Keeping the surfaces exposed to bodily fluids disinfected is important to the safety of the athletes. The negative association to disinfecting a field is cost and time needed.  There is however, one way to disinfect an indoor soccer field without chemicals.  UVC technology, specifically in the form of the 860 MiniZapr, which can disinfect a turf field.

The MiniZapr is a fantastic way to disinfect indoor soccer fields.  UVC technology does not use chemicals only light to disinfect.  Instead ultraviolet light kills harmful bacteria and viruses.  The result of disinfecting a field eliminates the danger areas of MRSA and Staph.  A disinfected field provides a safe playing surface.

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