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We get a lot of calls from synthetic turf maintenance crews asking for something that will pick up litter, leaves, and more while not destroying the artificial turf underneath.  There are many brands and pieces of synthetic turf equipment, but we’re sure that the Litterkat by GreensGroomer Worldwide is the best there is out there. We are willing to put it up against any turf sweeper you can find, and today we chose the Suburbanite by Parker Sweeper. In fact, we think a comparison to GreensGroomer Worldwide’s LitterKat is really no comparison at all.

LitterKat vs. Suburbanite

A popular turf sweeper that is used across the country is the Suburbanite by Parker Sweeper.  But let’s take a closer look at it.  There are many differences between these two pieces of equipment, and we’ve outlined the biggest of them below. As you will see, there are so many benefits of a premiere synthetic turf sweeper, like the LitterKat.

LitterKat is the premier synthetic turf sweeper

  • Wheels: The Parker Sweeper, Suburbanite has wheels made of cast iron. LitterKat has premium aluminum alloy wheels for superior quality and durability.
  • Infill: Infill is difficult to deal with, while products like Suburbanite just ignore it, the LitterKat is built to pick up, transport, and re-distribute infill. This protects your synthetic turf, and is crucial to proper synthetic turf maintenance.
  • Width: The LitterKat is 73″ while the Suburbanite is 36″. With over double the width, you will save time and money while trying to take care of your field. Parker Sweeper does offer a product called the Estate Master, with over 100″, but it is made by combining several Suburbanite units. It isn’t actually a separate turf sweeper designed to handle the wide width of most turf fields.
  • Actuator: The actuator on the LitterKat seamlessly raises and lowers the wheels, while the Parker Sweeper has no actuator, but relies on mesh grades.
  • Vinyl Components: Suburbanite has several vinyl components, and the LitterKat boasts light but tough construction. Components for the LitterKat are quality aluminum with powder coating and anti-rust protection. You won’t need to worry about durability with the LitterKat. The LitterKat is built for rain, shine, or snow!
  • Axles: The LitterKat is made with an independent axle for turning ease. Suburbanite has a stationary axles.
  • Magnets: The large magnet that comes with the LitterKat is imperative in picking up ferrous objects on synthetic turf. No magnets are supplied with the Suburbanite.

It seems an obvious choice to us, the LitterKat is the premier synthetic turf sweeper on the market. Sports Turf NW has plenty of experience providing the best turf sweepers and other synthetic turf maintenance equipment to turf managers across the country. Call us today if the LitterKat sounds like the solution you have been looking for, our bet is that it is. We believe that we sell the only brand to trust in synthetic turf maintenance equipment. Call us to learn more about all the different synthetic turf maintenance equipment we have to offer!

* Photo of the Suburbanite found on FentonRepair.com.