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Athletic areas like bleachers, locker rooms, restrooms, weight rooms, and wrestling mats are routinely swept.  Regular maintenance like sweeping keeps floors free of debris and reducing potentially hazardous conditions. Why should we treat our artificial turf any differently?  Artificial turf can quickly become littered with pens, paper, sports drink bottles, used band-aids, sticks, and other debris. Such debris is harmful to athletes. To take care of ridding your artificial turf of harmful debris, consider investing in state of the art technology like the LitterKat. Sports Turf NW offers athletic directors and field owners a solution to ensuring your fields are clean and safe from items that could pose injury to athletes. The LitterKat is a premier piece of turf sweeping equipment and touts a handful of appealing features.

Features of The Artificial Turf Debris Sweeper

  • Removes Surface Debris
  • Redistributes Infill
  • Aluminum construction
  • 12V Linear Actuator
  • 2-12V Basket Vibrators
  • Includes a 6-foot magnet for picking up ferrous objects


With a durable powder coating, the LitterKat is sure to keep its bright finish for a long time. In addition, the lightweight aluminum construction allows the LitterKat to be towed by almost any gas-powered utility vehicle. As you make your way across the artificial turf with the LitterKat, it collects debris while releasing the infill materials underneath the turf right back onto the turf.  With the help of twin 12-volt vibrators, the LitterKat redistributes infill material while trapping the unwanted debris in the hoppers.

Artificial Turf Safety Equipment

Turf sweeping can be easy and quick. Call Sports Turf NW today to discuss how the LitterKat or other turf safety equipment like the GreensGroomer, GreenZapr, or MiniZapr may be just what you are looking for. Sports Turf NW offers support in making healthy choices for your athletes;  speak to our knowledgeable staff about how to avoid injuries and infections which have become too common with artificial turf fields. For more tips and advice on proper turf maintenance, be sure to stay tuned to our Sports Turf NW Facebook page.