Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics

The LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper often gets compared to the Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics.  Manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide, the LitterKat has been in production and sold around the world since 2007. Now on the 4th generation model, the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper rules the turf sweeper category. The 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper is not built for use in the the United States only because artificial turf fields continue to be built around the world.

The six foot magnet is a critical piece for proper artificial turf maintenance.

Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment is very efficient when designed efficiently and without needing lots of moving parts. One of the greatest strengths about the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper is the limited number of moving parts; Mike Davis the designer of the LitterKat used his professional expertise from the airline industry was used to designing the LitterKat.

Brush Design of the 760 LitterKat

The brushes on the 760 LitterKat Sweeper move when the LitterKat moves. The purpose of this brush design is due to innovation.  A gear driven design is innovative and steps away from the gas-powered brushes on other turf sweepers. Gas powered brushes can be overly aggressive with the artificial turf filaments. It’s suggested by maintenance professionals that gas powered deep cleaners should only be used on a limited basis and not as a daily or weekly like the LitterKat can be. Operating the LitterKat daily does not harm the artificial turf.

There are a lot of options when it comes to synthetic turf debris collectors, otherwise known as turf sweepers. You can find equipment at both ends of the quality and price spectrum. We recently wrote an article comparing the  LitterKat Versus the Suburbanite.

Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics

Today, we will compare the 760 LitterKat Sweeper with another sweeper, the Field Crewzer by Pioneer Athletics. The Field Crewzer is a piece of proprietary equipment made by Pioneer Athletics and sold as a high-end turf sweeper.

Professional turf maintenance professionals need to know the differences of both pieces of equipment. Here are some of the biggest reasons why the 760 LitterKat Sweeper is the industry leader for the debris removal category.

Why You Need to Buy a LitterKat and Not a Field Crewzer

PRICE. Plain and simple, the Field Crewzer costs $5,000 more than the LitterKat at the listed price.

OPERATIONAL SPEED: TIME IS MONEY. The Field Crewzer operates at 2.5-3 mph while the LitterKat can operate twice as fast; at 6-8 mph. Let’s take a closer look at how this affects both time and money. A standard American football field is 120 yards by 53.3 yards. Considering the brush width and the LitterKat’s average speed of 7 mph it would take 17 minutes. With the Field Crewzer working at its’ max speed of 3 mph and it’s brush width of 47″ it would take 56 minutes to clean a turf field. If the wage of the person operating the turf sweeper is say $20.00 an hour that would mean the cost per treatment with the LitterKat  would be $5.60  At 3 mph the Field Crewzer cost is $18.60. On top of the higher costs to operate the Field Crewzer, there will be other costs associated with gas and oil.

Big Brush or Little Brush

LARGER BRUSH. On the Field Crewzer you will find one brush that is 47″ long. There are two brushes on the LitterKat, totaling 66″ of brush width.

SPLIT AXLE DESIGN. The LitterKat has a split axle design that allows the outer wheel to move independently of the inside wheel which moves at a slower speed. This helps to prevent tugging of the turf. The Field Crewzer is a single axle design requiring it to make exaggerated turns to prevent tugging of the turf.

GEAR DRIVEN DESIGN. The LitterKat is designed around moving gears. Until the unit is moving, the LitterKat will not function. The Field Crewzers brushes receive their power from a Honda motor and a series of belts.  Belts can break easily and the equipment may need regular repairs and maintenance.

POWDER COATED ALUMINUM FRAME. Our frame is powder coated to prevent rust and allow for a sturdy but light piece of equipment. The LitterKat weighs about 300 lbs. With a heavy steel frame, the Field Crewzer weighs 970 lbs.

The Kat Comes With a 6′ Magnet

FERROUS MAGNET. A 6 foot ferrous magnet is standard equipment with the LitterKat. A magnet is imperative to effectively removing debris from turf, because it allows you to capture metal objects like shoe spikes, bobby pins, screws and other metal objects from equipment that can collect on turf and injure athletes. There is no magnet offered with the Field Crewzer.

LITTERKAT IS PROVEN. With over 1,000 sold in the United States, you can count on the LitterKat is a proven performer. GreensGroomer WorldWide also guarantees the LitterKat for one year from purchase date for the main assembly, tires, and actuator.

MADE IN THE USA. The LitterKat is 100% made in America. GreensGroomer Worldwide’s business is designing and building equipment and they are very good at it. Rarely does the LitterKat need replacement parts. If you do need a replacement part no problem just a phone call away ensuring your equipment will have minimal down time. There is no information regarding where the Field Crewzer might be manufactured.

SHIPPING COST. Because the Field Crewzer weighs around 970 lbs. the shipping costs will be much higher in comparison to the lightweight LitterKat.

The 760 LitterKat is Mobile, Proven, and Cost Effective

The LitterKat is mobile, proven and far more cost-effective than the high-priced heavy machinery of the Field Crewzer. To learn more about the LitterKat, call Sports Turf NW today. You can also learn more by going to the dedicated LitterKat product page.

Photo of the Field Crewzer from http://www.pioneerathletics.com/Field-Crewzer_p_954.html#