Flu season is in full swing and this year’s flu has proven to be quite powerful. Last week, Reuters News reported that influenza had reached epidemic proportions with 7.3 of all deaths last week being caused by flu. In the city of Boston, Mayor Thomas Menino declared a public health emergency after statistics came in that flu cases were over ten times higher than the previous year. Also in Boston, the Catholic Archdiocese has told priests they could suspend the offering of communion wine using a shared chalice and bow rather than shake hands while exchanging the Sign of Peace. Although flu vaccines have played a huge role in reducing the number of flu cases; it is still possible to get the flu after being injected with the vaccine.

Flu vaccines have the power to greatly reduce the number of flu cases and lessen the symptoms for those who do attract the flu. However, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) stated last week that this years’ flu vaccine is only “moderately effective”. It is calculated to be about 62% effective. In other words, out of 10 people injected with this years’ flu vaccine and then exposed to the virus, roughly 4 of them will become infected. The CDC also reports that only 37% of Americans have been given the flu vaccine. With all of this happening, there is a good chance that all of us will be exposed to the flu at some point this season. While washing your hands and avoiding contact with sick people will surely help, there is a simpler way to avoid contact with the flu. Sports Turf Northwest offers the brand new MiniZapr to eliminate the possibility for the spread of flu by killing it on surfaces like locker rooms, churches, office cubicles, and more.

MiniZapr UVC Technology To Eliminate Flu

MiniZapr protection from flu with UVC light

Technology in the MiniZapr offers a new solution for churches, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, pediatricians, and doctor’s offices. Using specialized ultra violet light (UVC), the MiniZapr zaps away harmful bacteria that causes infections like cold, flu, MRSA, and even HIV. UVC is commonly known as “germicidal UV” and has been trusted time and again to rid surfaces of nasty microorganisms. By exposing the microorganisms to UVC light you destroy the molecular bond in their DNA rendering them powerless and unable to reproduce, then ultimately causing their death.  By being sure of their destruction, we can conclude that using the MiniZapr to rid your corporate office, hospital, or church is a very effective choice.

The Minizapr is easy to use and quickly sterilizes surfaces. About the size of a lawnmower, the MiniZapr is the perfect size for indoor spaces. It plugs into any wall outlet and can be used on walls, floors, or any surface you suspect may have unwanted guests. Sparked your interest?  Call Sports Turf Northwest for information on how you can own your own MiniZapr. 800-541-1285