Mom bloggers share your voice on MRSA and Staph in sports

We are excited to have several new followers here and on social media who are active mom’s with kids in sports. No one has a louder voice than a mother who feels her child is in danger, and we’d love to team up with mom bloggers to show the sports industry the real threat of sports and MRSA. To most sports moms, mom bloggers, and to us, it is a simple but very important message.

All sports played on artificial turf presents a perfect storm for the spread of MRSA and Staph. Is there preventitive solutions, yes there are. However, no one really seems to care until its your child.  We’ve been discussing sports and MRSA for a long time now. We have spoken in lenght about Staph infections and how facilities fail to provided adequete protection to athletes. So, I ask you to read more about the dangers of staph and MRSA associated with sports.

Sports and MRSA or Staph Infections

The bottom line is this – according to the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are five simple ways that MRSA and Staph is spread. Any one of the five C’s can spread MRSA, and athletics often present all five C’s.

Mom bloggers share your voice on MRSA and Staph in sports
Photo by By Peter Rimar (en:User: Chitrapa) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Crowding
  2. Frequent Skin to Skin Contact
  3. Compromised Skin (cuts, scrapes, small abrasions)
  4. Contaminated Items (sweaty towels, clothes, mats, synthetic turf)
  5. Cleanliness 
Would You Think This Kid's Mom is Thinking MRSA?
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Mothers can clearly see how the 5 C’s can create the perfect storm in a locker room, gym, indoor soccer arena, or on the football field. Sports help to foster teamwork and togetherness, but also mean kids are more likely to share towels, razors, soap, and more. It’s also common for turf burns, small cuts, and scrapes to to be left uncovered and become the perfect entry point for Staph or MRSA. Warm, crowded locker rooms and practice facilities lack cleanliness and must be treated in a non-toxic way to keep our kids safe.

More and more moms are realizing the dangers of doing nothing. More kids develop severe and life threatening infections that could have been prevented. Stories like the ones recently from New Mexico and Windgate, NC are too common. At Sports Turf NW, we feel strongly that it is our mission to educate schools, coaches, sports facilities, and moms. Education must be loud as the serious threat of Staph and MRSA in sports in sports is real. We’ve got serious ammunition, in the form of science, and with the extra voices of mom bloggers, we know that collectively we can make a difference in preventing MRSA.

What Can Moms and Mom Bloggers Do?

Speak out! Share our posts, write your own, study, talk, and spread the word about the danger of Staph and MRSA to kids in sports. Give us a call to find out more, or search through our website for resources and scientific information about the threat and what can be done to stop it. If you have a story to share let us know.  Let’s join together to educate others about the spread of MRSA before more kids suffer, lose limbs from infection, or die in a tragic and totally preventable way.

Moms, We Want To Hear From You

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