Army Soldiers Excercising

US_Army_physical_fitness_uniform,_Fort_Bliss_Post_Run,_14May2013Have you ever heard of the MWR, also known as Morale Welfare Recreation facilities?  Sports Turf Northwest is an approved contractor for the Federal Government. We are proud to have the proper accreditation with Cage # (76XR9). This number assigned by SAM.gov allows us to participate as a vendor for artificial turf maintenance equipment and golf course maintenance equipment. For a few years now, we have been an approved contractor and we look forward to continuing support for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Sports Turf NW has worked with Special Forces training facilities and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facilities in every nook and cranny of the world.

Artificial Turf Equipment Supports Morale Welfare Recreation Facilities800px-Flickr_-_The_U.S._Army_-_2008_Army_Ten_Miler

The MWR provides soldiers and military families with support in many aspects of military life. The MWR acts as a liaison for soldiers and families looking for resources like counseling, where to house a family pet, access to a library, or finding a facility to let off a little steam playing sports.

Artificial Turf Equipment for The Military

Knowing that there are literally thousands of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facilities across the globe, Sports Turf Northwest is a natural partner. We provide these facilities with top quality American made products. We only sell products that will last a very long time and products that help keep individuals healthy.

Protecting Military Personnel Against Staph and MRSA Using UVC Light

UVC equipment that uses light instead of chemicals is just one defense against the threat of harmful bacteria.  Artificial turf fields contain used band-aids, bodily fluids, and other hazards that can be a catalyst for infections like MRSA and Staph. The 850 GreenZapr is perfect for large outdoor turf surfaces where health and safety is a primary concern. The 860 MiniZapr provides the same service as the 850 but for smaller spaces like locker rooms, shower facilities, and exercise mats and equipment.

Education Is Key To Understanding The Dangers the Naked Eye Can’t See

Over the course of years, our business has become the authority on artificial turf equipment and specifically safety on artificial turf.  Our objective is to provide protection for athletes against preventable infections like MRSA and Staph. Below are additional articles about how our UVC disinfection equipment can help stop the spread of MRSA and Staph.

Other Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment We Sell

Additional artificial turf equipment we sell includes the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper, 926 Integrated Groomer, and a wide variety of golf course maintenance equipment. Sports Turf Northwest provides you all around safety and maintenance prevention for synthetic turf.  Need equipment for the base golf course we have it. The 850 GreenZapr and 860 MiniZapr are in use around the world at various military installations.

With our government issued cage # (76XR9), it’s easy for any government agencies or department to work with us. If you are a facilities operator, procurement specialist or the one in charge, give mike a call.  Mike can provide education on how we work with morale welfare recreation facilities. Call us to learn more about our artificial turf equipment. We can bring protection to your facility and fight MRSA and Staph.

All the artificial turf maintenance equipment we sell is American Made.