The GreensGrader is the best multi-tool piece of equipment for soil preperation on the market today. Founded more than 20 years ago, the GreensGrader attachment has evolved through trial and error.  Trial and error has resulted in becoming one of the industry leaders. Multifunctional, this piece of equipment is used for one specific job or used in many different operations.

There are five operations needed to prepare soil for seeding or sodding, the GreensGrader accomplishes them all.

5 Key Operations of the GreensGrader

  1. Loosening the Soil. The strong spring-loaded blades make easy work of hard compact soil.
  2. The box Grader stops for nothing.  By putting the roller in the up locked place, and you have a box grader that will level or contour the soil you’re working on.
  3. Raking the debris from soil prep. When you need an industrial tool capable of removing trash or debris, all you need to do is lower the retractable 22 double spring tines and away you go!
  4. Busting Dirt Clots is so important.  The GreensGrader uses a heavy-duty roller that has the option to be locked into place or floated, depending on the size and shaping requirements needed.
  5. When the grade of the soil needs reformation, meaning sculpturing,  the GreensGrader does this in a controlled safe way.  Cutting grade around cart paths or sidewalks is extremely laborious task. The edger on the GreensGrader easily locks in place to do this job, saving expensive working hours in the process.

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GreensGrader Specifications
Main Frame3/8” Steel A-frame
Running GearCategory 1 three point hitch mount, 40 HP tractor required
Length43 inches
Width76.5 inches
Operating Width72 inches
Height36 inches
Weight1,100 lbs
Grader BladeTwo 72” double beveled cutting edge
Edger BladeOne retractable 1/2” steel angled cutting edge
Scarifying PointsSix 12 inch spring-loaded shanks with 6 inch chisel point
Spring Tines22 double torsion, shot peened
Pulverizing Roller72” x 10” diameter hollow core 12 gauge steel w/ expanded metal wrapped exterior
FinishPowder coat with 6-step pre-wash including degreaser and anti rust coating