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There is even more support out there that germicidal UVC is a reliable way to prevent MRSA outbreaks on artificial turf and other surfaces. We are happy to share two postings from the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) that catalog their findings of UVC technology and threats like MRSA and Staph. Sports Turf NW was able to provide information and share details on the latest UVC technology with PPRC to help create these posts.  I guess it is well known that we are the most vocal advocate of protecting kids and athletes from MRSA! Here are some of the details of their posts, and links to where you can read them for yourself!

UVC light technology to destroy MRSA
UVC Light Technology

Post #1 – Does Sterilizing Turf with UV Light Work?

In this post, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center gives background information on MRSA and on UV treatment of bacteria on turf. They then go on to explain how studies show that MRSA is effectively eliminated using UVC technology on a variety of surfaces. The PPRC lists in their key findings that,

UV light is known to be an effective treatment method for eliminating bacterial risks from foods, water, and a variety of surfaces.

They also speak about other forms of MRSA prevention that involve toxic chemicals. One of the biggest upsides to UVC is its non-toxic nature. Using UVC light to prevent MRSA, you have no need to worry about toxins you may be exposing people and animals to. Using UVC to prevent MRSA, you can make sure that no pollutants enter streams or hurt sensitive ecosystems. You can view the PPRC post for yourself Does Cleaning Turf With UV Light Work?.

Cover Image for PDF StudyPost #2 – Shedding Light on Turf Burns: What are the Risks? Solutions?

This post digs further into how MRSA can easily be contracted in contact sports and perhaps how it is easily transported on artificial turf. This sums it up nicely,

First, the threat of MRSA is real. It is one of the more lethal infectious diseases in the U.S. Sports that require more contact and more ground time, such as football and wrestling, see the highest rates of infection in America, according to the CDC.

Want to Know More About Reliable MRSA Prevention?

Give us a call and ask for Mike. We are committed to educating the public about the dangers of MRSA and what can be done to prevent it.  You can also find more information and resources on our blog.

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Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center-Article on “Does Cleaning Turf With UV Light Work”