Protecting Kids Against Deadly Artificial Turf Bacteria

Moms listen up! How often do you let your kids play at public play areas like the ones found at fast food chains all across the country? Have you ever considered the harmful bacteria that are lurking in the brightly colored ball pits, tubes, and on all those slides? Well, especially after reading some very convincing research from one appalled mom, Erin Carr-Jordan, we feel it is our duty to warn moms everywhere that these play areas need immediate attention to keep kids safe from the pathogens living on surfaces like these; pathogens that lead to problems like MRSA, Staph, meningitis, and even gonorrhea!

Erin Carr -Jordan, a mother and developmental psychologist, visited over 50 play areas in the Arizona area and ended up being banned from 8 different local restaurants after swabbing play surfaces, testing them, and then insisting that the business immediately address the unhealthy sanitary conditions. Watch her video for more information on exactly what she found, along with video proof!

You can also visit her website, Kids Play Safe, for more information and to help her cause. Because play areas are often indoors with  humid conditions, they are the perfect petri dish for harmful pathogens to grow and linger on surfaces that kids touch everyday. When you also consider the close relationship these play areas have to food, the cross contamination of what a child touches and what a child eats becomes particularly repulsive. Perhaps even more off-putting than that is how simple it is for these business owners to solve the problem and keep kids safe.

What Can You Do To Make Play Areas Safer For Kids?

Make your mom voice loud  and demand legislation that creates regulated standards for the safety of kids playing in these play areas. Demand that businesses that include these play areas do something to protect children, or otherwise boycott going to them. Help to educate business owners about the risks they are subjecting children to, and send them resources on how to eliminate these risks. Sports Turf NW is a great resource for using germicidal UVC (ultra-violet light) to destroy the pathogens that cause MRSA, Staph, meningitis, gonorrhea, and anything else that could be infesting these surfaces.

Germicidal UVC is the Solution to Sanitize Play Structures Without Using Toxic Chemicals

miniZapr-UVC Germicidal Technology

Sports Turf NW is proud to provide schools, athletic facilities, parks, and play areas with the equipment necessary to protect children from the contaminants found living on communal surfaces. For big open spaces, we offer the GreenZapr, perfect for sterilizing vast synthetic turf fields. For enclosed spaces, we have a brand new state of the art design, the miniZapr. The miniZapr is small and compact, making the perfect tool for play areas. It is quick and easy to use.  Germicidal UVC is proven technology and works by penetrating the DNA of the micro-organism and destroying the molecular bonds, ensuring that death of the micro-organism is eminent.

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By using germicidal UVC technology, play areas can avoid using toxic chemicals to clean surfaces. Chemicals can be an effective option, but only if thoroughly cleaned by a professional who takes their job very seriously. Using UVC technology removes other risk factors like staff doing a lackluster job of using the proper cleaning agents. Call Sports Turf Northwest today to learn how you can rid your spaces of bacteria and infectious grime.