University of Rhode Island uses two 860 MiniZaprs on campus

GreensGroomer Worldwide the manufacturer of the 860 MiniZapr recently placed this ad in the publication Private University Products and News and Sports Turf Northwest could not be more happy. Private and public universities now have the ability to protect students from MRSA, Staph, AIDS and other dangerous infections. Click here to be taken to the publication

A few years ago, the founders of Sports Turf NW realized the dangerous relationship between sports and humans. The danger came from Staph and MRSA and how humans were being exposed to these harmful microorganisms.  It was after one of the founders of Sports Turf NW had a child contract a Staph infection from playing sports that a decision was made to educate others against the danger.  Sports Turf Northwest found the solution to Staph and MRSA and become an authorized dealer of GreensGroomer WorldWide after witnessing the power and strength of the miniZapr.

For years, the risk of contracting a harmful infection from normal public interaction has been growing. The last report by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) concluded that while cases of MRSA are being reduced in hospitals, infections in schools and private universities are much more stagnant. This is probably because sports facilities and schools have done nothing to address the risks posed by sports, locker rooms, and other common surfaces in schools.  MRSA, Staph, and more can be picked up from almost any surface, but sports pose a larger threat for several reasons. The CDC outlines the risk for MRSA and Staph using the five Cs: crowding, contact (skin to skin), lack of cleanliness, compromised skin (cuts, abrasions, turf and mat burns), and contaminated surfaces. Only one of these factors is needed to contract MRSA, and sports facilities, gyms, and locker rooms often contain all five.

Curb the Risk for MRSA, Staph, AIDS, and the Flu with the MiniZapr

Eliminating bacteria that causes these infections is not difficult. Resistance to action against this type of bacteria usually stems from the hesitancy to use harsh chemicals on thousands of surfaces found in schools and sports facilities. With a miniZapr, you don’t need chemicals at all. The miniZapr is 100% chemical free and safe for anyone to operate.  This small, but sturdy equipment operates just like a vacuum or lawn mower. It even comes with a detachable wand to make sure you reach every surface with its’ powerful UVC technology. It is powered through a wall outlet, or by a small generator so you have the flexibility to take the miniZapr anywhere on school grounds.

Where Schools Can Use the MiniZapr Besides Sports Areas

  • Indoor turf
  • Field houses
  • Workout equipment
  • Wrestling mats
  • Tumbling mats
  • Basketball courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Locker rooms and showers
  • Restrooms
  • Lockers
  • Cafeterias
  • Bleachers
  • Playground Equipment
  • Lecture Halls
  • Nurse’s office
  • and more…

There’s really no limit to the spaces where the miniZapr can go. There is no need for humans to develop painful and harmful infections simply because they were playing sports or attending school. A miniZapr makes the perfect investment for any school, with one piece of equipment you can rid thousands of surfaces that could be harboring bacteria throughout school grounds. We are passionate about educating others about the danger of bacteria, MRSA, and Staph, and are happy to answer questions anytime.