Protecting Kids Against Deadly Artificial Turf Bacteria

Dear Parents, You Have Failed….So Far….Artificial Turf Bacteria is Real!

To all Parents, it is your responsibility to protect the health of your kids from artificial turf bacteria. You have failed miserably so far! Parents congratulations on demanding and getting an artificial turf field!   You have become the Joneses of artificial turf.  Artificial turf envy is in every municipality, local school district, and even the military.  All brought to you by the turf manufacturers of the world, all packaged up and served on a silver platter as the fix all to that ugly grass field.

All is Not Rosy with Artificial Turf

Hold on now, you should know your new million dollar field also comes ready to accept harmful artificial turf bacteria. Each artificial turf field installed will have hundreds and perhaps thousands of athletes using it.  The new field is now ready for the athletes to start spreading their bodily fluids all over it.  Parents, if you let your kids play on an artificial turf field without knowing the maintenance procedures the facility follow, than you are a very bad parent. You need to demand that written safety protocols are in place.  Sterilizing the field against harmful artificial turf bacteria like Staph and MRSA must be a requirement.  The CDC in Atlanta tells all athletes to not share towels for fear of spreading Staph.  Hate to tell you this but Your Artificial Turf Field is One Giant Shared Towel.

Tiger Moms Unite-You Make Things Happen

I have been the recipient of call after call from parents who get it and want more information about Staph and MRSA.  I have had a phone conversation with an indoor facility operator, Indoor Soccer Arenas Ignore Potential Health Risks ,whose concern of a lawsuit was so unnerving because a mom accused the facility and specifically the field of giving her son a Staph Infection.

No Procedures In Place for Sterilization

The indoor facility the mom I received the call from had zero safety protocols in place to sterilize the field from bodily fluids. Remember, the field itself is not the issue, it just happens the agent that binds bodily fluids and cuts and abrasions together.  Tiger moms, I embrace you and look forward to hearing from you.  A deadly health concern is here but not talked about.  Artificial turf manufacturers don’t want you, the smart educated parents, to worry about your child’s well-being.  Artificial turf manufacturers don’t want you to connect the dots between the million dollar field and harmful bacteria.

Doing the Right Thing

I have always stated this, I am not against artificial turf but I am against the way artificial turf being marketed as a cure-all solution to natural turf fields without also having the health issue discussion.  Common sense tells us that maintenance must be performed on any object that has hundreds to thousands of athletes using it, bleeding, sweating, pissing and yes spreading fecal matter on the surface.  A field covered in bodily fluids is a ticking time bomb.  One little cut or abrasion on the skin is all that requires Staph or MRSA to enter the body.

Mom’s how many abrasions happen when your kid simply shaves her or his legs, hundreds?  How many people are spreading contaminated blood on the surface? Artificial turf fields that have no procedures in place for sterilization against harmful bacteria should remain closed until safety regulations and more specifically sterilization scheduling is in place.  Parents, if you let your kids enjoy the nice indoor turf fields, you are guilty of child neglect.

Protect Your Kids

Yes, I sell equipment that will sterilize the turf surface.  No, I do not have kids.  Yes, I am a pain in the ass to turf manufacturers but I do so on your behalf, it’s time for you parents to pick up the fight.  I am here to help you.