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Questions and Answers Your Brain Might Have

How Do I Place an Equipment Order?

#1 Question Asked

This is the worst part of the business but a topic that must be understood by all purchasers. Upon acceptance of quote and placement of equipment order via PO#, Fax, Email, Mail, or Verbal to Sports Turf Northwest you have accepted and acknowledge the terms on the quote.  The quote form provided by Sports Turf Northwest includes the terms for payment. It is understood by Purchaser you are agreeing to the payment terms. Purchaser is your responsible to make sure the Invoice submitted upon delivery of equipment is delivered to your Accounts Payable Department or responsible individual who handles invoice payments. If your PO# includes instructions for payment to Sports Turf Northwest the responsibility to follow payment instructions belongs to Sports Turf Northwest.

Even though the company’s W-9 lists Oregon as the corporate address, payment must be sent to the Phoenix, AZ address as listed on the quote and invoice.

Do You Sell New or Used Synthetic Turf?

Of all the Questions and Answers we receive, this one baffles the most. If you need help locating a turf manufacturer we can help. However, WE DO NOT SELL THE ACTUAL TURF. Perhaps it is the name of the company, Sports Turf Northwest that throws folks off. However, if you spent 10 seconds on the website you will understand we sell Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment and Parts Only.

Who Manufactures the Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment?

GreensGroomer Worldwide is the equipment manufacturer. Mike Davis and his wife Jill founded GreensGroomer Worldwide in 1996 after Mike retired from his 30-year airline industry career.  In fact, you will see some design aspects carried over from the airline industry to the equipment that is designed and manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  All GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment is made in the U.S.A.  The company’s success has helped place its equipment in more than 8000 facilities worldwide.

In 2019 Mike Davis retired and sold the company. Everything about the company is staying the same and innovation will continue.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

All equipment manufactured by GreensGroomer Worldwide and sold by Sports Turf Northwest is backed by a comprehensive warranty.  Here is the dedicated page to  GreensGroomer Worldwide Warranty Information.

Where can I find out more about Staph and MRSA?

For more comprehensive information on Staph and MRSA bacteria, please visit CDC and MRSA.  Further, additional information can be found on this site with very informative information.

What Type of Vehicle is Recommended for Pulling the Equipment?

It is highly recommended that at a minimum a 15 horsepower gas utility vehicle be used.  Some newer electrical vehicles have the ability to pull the equipment, but we strongly recommend you check with the pulling vehicle’s manufacturer first.

Will GreensGroomer Equipment Void the Warranty of My Turf?

NO, I repeat NO. We have received calls in the past from potential customers of FieldTurf’s. The FieldTurf sales associates warned facilities about warranty issues for the field if the 850 GreenZapr was used.  GreensGroomer the manufacturer of the 850 GreenZapr has cleared all issues. All GreensGroomer equipment manufactured for artificial turf maintenance does not void any warranties of any turf manufacturers.

If you have any questions please call or email us.

Does Sports Turf Northwest Sell GreensGroomer Worldwide Equipment Outside of the Northwest?

Absolutely! We sell throughout the United States to US Provinces and US Government. Canada has distributors in place; if you are looking to purchase GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment in Canada, we will be happy to refer you to a Canadian dealer.

The Internet has provided us to offer products to our customers at a much lower rate than our competitors. We are the most knowledgable business selling GreensGroomer Equipment because that is all we sell. Shipping cost are sourced from a shipping broker. Multiple rates will come back to us for options. We select the lowest cost provider without sacraficing service. We also don’t add extra to the shipping and handling. We didn’t drive the truck and deliver the equipment so why should we make money on that. Our costs are passed along to our customers.

Why doesn't Sports Turf Northwest sell other manufacturers' equipment?

We believe that GreensGroomer Worldwide manufacturers the highest quality equipment for synthetic turf and natural turf maintenance.  We also believe that by selling only one manufacturer’s equipment, we can provide our customers with the best prices and best customer service possible.  We avoid any conflict of interest, and we sell the best American-made equipment.

What Are Your Payment Terms Like?

Payment Terms Decided by Purchaser a.k.a Our Terms to Sports Turf Northwest

If you are an educational facility, a government facility or a facility with history we have payment terms for you. The payment terms are 30 days Net for payment from the time you receive the equipment.  We expect payment to be received in our office by the 30th day otherwise we will add a 3% late charge.  You may pay by check, direct deposit and in some cases with a Credit Card.  Payment remittance is to our AZ address on the invoice.  If you want to pay with a Credit Card we can do that for you, however, you will need to pay the additional fee of 2.9% but we suggest you call us first so we can work something out and save you money.

We have two systems to handle credit card payments. Some entitities are not able to transact with Paypal. That is why we have two options.

Payment Terms for Potential Customers Who Are New and Not Listed Above

If you are not one of the above facilities we offer terms that are different from the 30 Days Net.  We require 1/2 the total payment to be received prior to shipment. The other 1/2 to be received in our office within 20 days of equipment delivery. If we do not receive a payment within 20 days we will add a 3% charge. If you want to pay for the equipment with a Credit Card we can do that. We will require you to pay the 2.9% fee for the credit card transaction.

International customer. You must pay for equipment in full prior to shipping. You can pay by wire transfer or credit card. If by credit card we will add in the fee.

For those potential customers looking for financing of equipment please visit  Fundbox Pay/Sports Turf Northwest

Can You Sell to The United States Government?

YES!!!! We have gone through the painful application and approval process of becoming an approved vendor under the www.SAM.gov (System for Award Management) requirements. We have a CAGE#76XR9 number.

Can I Buy Replacement Parts?

Sports Turf Northwest sells every part manufactured for GreensGroomer Worldwide equipment. In fact, Sports Turf Northwest has an online parts section. Order Parts.  If you would like to read more about parts and why we carry them, please read this article, GreensGroomer Worldwide Parts For Sale All parts are OEM parts so the replacement will be perfect. We highlight the most frequently purchased parts but please know we sell every part.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship the Equipment?

Every Authorized GreensGroomer Dealer Has Each Order Shipped From the Manufacturer-No Inventory!!

All equipment is shipped from the manufacturer in Indiana.  The cost to ship is calculated by distance and weight from Indianapolis.  If your in Ohio and purchasing equipment, your shipping cost should be the same as shipping costs from a West Coast Dealer. There are no regions as depicted on the manufacturer’s website.  Bulk shipping rates are typically available if two (2) or more pieces of equipment are ordered at the same time. Shipping quotes are good for 10 days; after 10 days, a new shipping quote will need to be calculated.