Microscope View of MRSA

Since the 1960s the number of MRSA cases has significantly increased around the globe. Starting first in hospitals, the bacteria that leads to MRSA began to develop a strong resistance to antibiotics. After many years MRSA began to appear at a higher frequency among athletes. Many began to believe that synthetic sports surfaces were at least partially to blame for the increase in MRSA cases among athletes and sports surface research began at Penn State and other places. Scientists began to develop technology to assist in the elimination of MRSA on synthetic turf and other sports surfaces.

MRSA and Synthetic Sports Surface Research

As it began to be apparent that the MRSA outbreaks among athletes could be linked to the increased use of synthetic sports surfaces, scientists began to research ways to remove the threat of MRSA to athletes. A company out of Indianapolis, Indiana, GreensGroomer Worldwide, invented a piece of equipment called the GreenZapr. Their research showed that UVC (a special form of ultra violet light) was extremely effective in eliminating MRSA from synthetic sports surfaces. The GreenZapr was patented in 2012 and placed on the market. The Penn State Center for Sports Surface Research tested the idea that UVC light was as effective as the makers of the GreenZapr had claimed.

GreenZapr technology gets a boost from Penn State's Center for Sports Surface Research

The research from Penn State breaks down how UVC light has been very effective on several surfaces and even effective in treating  MRSA on the skin. Their study with both synthetic turf fibers and rubber crumb infill showed that after the first application of UVC light there was no evidence of MRSA bacteria remaining on the synthetic turf.

GreenZapr Technology in Portland

Sports Turf Northwest provides GreenZapr and MiniZapr UVC technology to Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, Missoula, Bozeman, Boise, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Fresno and many other areas across the country and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Sports Turf Northwest is ready to answer any questions you may have about synthetic sports surfaces, turf, or how to make sure that your football field, indoor soccer arena, or other sports surface is being treated for MRSA.