Litterkat, parts for GreensGroomer and LitterKat available from Sports Turf NWDo you own a GreensGroomer or LitterKat? If  you operate a natural or synthetic turf athletic field, you should consider owning these innovative machines. The Synthetic Turf GreensGroomer is an industry leader for standing up synthetic fibers, redistributing  infill material and gently brushing the surface of synthetic turf. The Natural Turf GreensGroomer is known for breaking down aeration cores, filing holes and controlling the grain. Meanwhile, the LitterKat helps to keep turf clean and safe for athletes by removing unwanted debris like shoe spikes, rocks, pens, pencils, bird feathers, athletic tape and more from synthetic athletic fields.

If you are the lucky owner of one of these products, finding the parts you need for repairs and replacements can be challenging, but not anymore. Sports Turf NW now offers an online store where it is easy to get parts for GreensGroomer or LitterKat. It is simple to find what you need and buy it in an instant. The online store has photos of parts, descriptions, and pricing. We can ship anywhere in the United States and offer a variety of shipping options from both the United States Postal Service and UPS. If you need replacement parts fast, we can get them to you through Express mail or Next Day Air. If you are not on a time constraint; parcel post or UPS ground shipping is also available to save on cost.

Available Parts For GreensGroomer and LitterKat

  • Electric actuator for the GreensGroomerelectric actuator, parts for Greensgroomer and Litterkat
  • Electric actuator for the LitterKat turf sweeper
  • Electric control cable for GreensGroomer
  • Heavy duty replacement brushes for the GreensGroomer
  • Premium replacement brushes for the GreensGroomer
  • Replacement axle for the GreensGroomer
  • Rocker switch for the GreensGroomer
  • Synthetic turf brushes for the GreensGroomer
  • Tire and wheel for the GreensGroomer
  • Toggle switch for the GreensGroomer
  • Vibrator for the LitterKat turf sweeper
  • Wiring harness for the LitterKat turf sweeper

Sports Turf Northwest sells parts so athletic field owners can keep their natural or synthetic turf looking great all year round. Visit our parts page anytime to find replacement parts for GreensGroomer and LitterKat. We are happy to help you maintain a clean and safe athletic field. If you have questions about parts, orders, or equipment please give us a call at 800-541-1285.