We’ve been receiving lots of calls from groups and individuals interested in starting an artificial turf maintenance business. They are looking for equipment, solutions, and ideas about how to begin offering maintenance service to synthetic turf facilities in their area. We think this is a great idea! In recent years, we’ve seen explosive growth among schools and parks with synthetic turf. In many cases, these synthetic turf fields are not being maintained at all. A lot of schools and park with synthetic turf find that purchasing their own synthetic turf equipment is out of their reach, but paying a business to handle the turf maintenance might be just what they need!

Starting a Successful Artificial Turf Maintenance Business

For those wanting to start an artificial turf maintenance business, this is the perfect opportunity to profit while you save money for schools and parks with synthetic turf. Landscaping businesses servicing these clients may also be able to expand with the purchase of the right turf maintenance equipment. Because this seems like a viable business solution, Sports Turf NW will be exploring what we can offer those wanting to start an artificial turf maintenance business over the next few weeks. Our equipment is top-notch and would be an ideal asset to any such business.

Sports Turf NW Offers High-Quality Turf Maintenance Equipment

The artificial turf maintenance equipment offered by Sports Turf NW is proven technology.  Years of research and development provides the LitterKat a tremendous industry reputation. behind each piece of equipment, this equipment is them. All are built with technology and durability in mind. Just getting started in the artificial turf maintenance business? No sweat. You don’t need to buy these all at once. Start with one and add to your arsenal as you go.  This week’s featured product is the 760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector with Sports Field Magnet.

Featured Turf Equipment: LitterKat

760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper Includes 6 Foot Magnet
The six foot magnet is a critical piece for proper artificial turf maintenance.

The 760 LitterKat Turf Debris Sweeper with Magnet is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone thinking about starting an artificial turf maintenance business. It easily removes debris from the turf surface like shoe spikes, pens, band-aids, feathers, and litter. Unlike other turf sweepers, the LitterKat doesn’t churn up infill and there is no danger of ripping or tearing the turf. Made with aluminum, it is lightweight and can be towed by almost any utility vehicle. Don’t let the word “lightweight” fool you, covered in durable powder coating, this machine will stand the test of time.

760 LitterKat Features

  • Removes Surface Debris
  • Redistributes Infill
  • Aluminum construction
  • 12V Linear Actuator 2
  • 12V Basket Vibrators
  • Includes a 6-foot magnet for picking up ferrous objects

Want to see or hear more about how the LitterKat is crucial to your turf maintenance business? Give us a call and let’s talk. We are here to support you with answers to your tough questions about turf equipment. Sports Turf NW is the go-to supplier of American made turf maintenance equipment. Check back with us soon as further information will be posted on our site.

760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Sweeper from Sports Turf Northwest on Vimeo.

A great video demonstrating how the Litterkat Turf Sweeper can pick up unwanted material and also redistribute infill material on your synthetic turf.