Today, we are focusing on part two in our series of posts on starting a successful artificial turf maintenance business. After several calls about how to to begin an artificial turf maintenance business, we decided to put our heads together and offer some real advice for callers. One of the biggest deterrents in starting this type of business is the upfront costs for a fleet of equipment. We think the best way to build your artificial turf maintenance empire is to start with one or two key pieces of equipment and then add-on as your business gains more business and clients. Of all the choices in synthetic turf maintenance equipment, our first choice for your initial equipment purchase is the GreensGroomer Electric Lift Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer with Super Duty Blue Brushes and the optional Spring Tine Rake. Let us explain why.

GreensGroomer Electric Lift Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer

The Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer piece of  equipment will be the workhorse of your maintenance business. Here’s a quick video showing off some of the best features of the GreensGroomer.

Synthetic Turf Groomer by Sports Turf Northwest-The original Greensgroomer from Sports Turf Northwest on Vimeo.

As pointed out in the video, there are several great features of the GreensGroomer that make it an industry standard. In particular, we think that the electric lift, spring tine rake, and the super duty blue brushes make this piece of turf equipment a necessary inclusion to any new turf maintenance business. The electric lift makes using the GreensGroomer simple and saves wear and tear on your brushes. The combination on the spring tine rake and the super duty blue brushes make the GreensGroomer a one pass piece of equipment. The super duty blue brushes are designed to move very precisely, by grooming in three directions for every three feet of forward movement. Their durable design stands up turf better than any other groomer available on the market. By adding the optional and highly recommended spring tine rake, all compaction issues become a thing of the past. The spring tine rake comes with three tine shafts loaded with 84 adjustable tines that comb through infill and relieve compaction on the first pass. For a properly maintained field, use the groomer weekly and the spring tine rake attachment every 3-4 weeks, depending on field use of course.  The GreensGroomer works with any type of infill on the market, wet or dry.

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We really want to help entrepreneurs get started in this industry and are doing everything in our power to assist. We have been diligently researching and answering as many questions as we can and will continue to post our findings. For more advice on starting an artificial turf maintenance business, read through our earlier post, Starting a Successful Artificial Turf Maintenance Business. We are also happy to talk to anyone interested in starting an artificial turf maintenance business. Give us a call to learn more about this new and promising industry.