example of what comes first

The chicken or the egg argument as it relates to making your first purchase of a Synthetic Groomer or the LitterKat Turf Debris Collector or Both?

Why Proper Maintenance Equipment is Necessary for Synthetic Turf Fields

If we can save you thousands of dollars and provide your facility with the proper artificial turf maintenance equipment then please read further. If you spent a million dollars on your field you need to maintain it. Whenever we receive an email quote or call  request for a 760 LitterKat we always ask this question, “Do you have a synthetic groomer with tine rakes already?”  We do not ask this question to sell you more equipment but to start at square one and make sure your field is getting what it needs and that means the proper equipment. Believe it or not there are individuals who prefer giving out wrong advice to make more money. Shocking I know.

There is NO Piece of Equipment In The World That Can Perform Both Grooming and Debris Sweeping

The requirement needs for synthetic turf field maintenance is a relatively new concept for all those involved.  Learning how to properly maintain your new turf field has a short learning curve. Sellers of turf are notorious for providing very little information for the operators and maintenance professionals who will be maintaining the turf. Remember, the turf field was sold using this phrase “No Maintenance Needed”.

Why American Made Equipment (GreensGroomer) is The Best

Let’s start at the beginning, you want maintenance equipment that is built in the USA.  The reason is simple, equipment will break and when it does break you want parts that are available.  You’re spending a million bucks on your artificial turf project so shouldn’t you maintain it? We have heard countless stories of facilities that have equipment that is broken and the ability of getting replacement parts is next to impossible.  Guess what? Sports Turf Northwest has all OEM replacement parts available. GreensGroomer Worldwide the manufacturer of the equipment supports every product manufactured.

926 Integrated Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer
American Made and Best Performing Groomer with Tine Rakes for Synthetic Turf Fields

A 926 Integrated Synthetic Groomer  will be the piece of equipment that provides 80% of the maintenance needs for your turf.  The inclusion of the Spring Tine Rake is probably the most important piece of equipment a field can have.  Think of a golf course and a wet sand bunker.  Infill material that is compacted is just like a wet sand bunker.  When the infill material is compacted from overuse by athletes, the field it becomes concrete-like.  Athletes landing on a compacted field will feel like they are landing on concrete. When the weather turns bad and starts raining a concrete-like surface will not drain properly.  The drainage system under the artificial turf was built to  drain water.  Compacted  infill  does  not allow rain to drain  correctly.

What a groomer does not do for artificial turf fields is pick up debris such as leaves, sticks, sunflower seeds, etc.  The first piece of maintenance equipment a field should have is a synthetic groomer, it’s doing 80% of the maintenance.  You can operate the groomer daily if you choose, and you should utilize the Spring Tine Rake as needed.

The 926 Integrated Groomer Before the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper? YES

The 760 LitterKat Turf Debris Collector.  Absolutely the number one piece of equipment in the industry for debris collection.  What the 760 LitterKat does not do is groom your turf’s surface (move the infill around).  Yes, the LitterKat will skim the top surface, pick up the infill material and debris and redistribute clean infill material.  You can operate the LitterKat daily if you choose. The LitterKat is ground-driven so the brush action is not abrasive and won’t rip out your turf.

Zero Maintenance is Not An Option

#1 Selling Debris Removal Equipment
Made In The USA

So the worst thing you can do for your turf field is to provide no maintenance at all. Failure to provide proper maintenance will result in your field failing prematurely. Depending on your budget, you will want to purchase the 926 Integrated Synthetic Groomer first and then you will add the 760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper to your arsenal of equipment.

Sports Turf Northwest is Only Concerned With Helping you Maintain Your Turf at The Highest Level

Sports Turf Northwest is available to answer any and all questions you might have.  If you have questions about other equipment you are thinking about buying (even our competitors) we are happy to give you a fair and honest opinion. Sometimes competitors that sell foreign manufactured equipment get so mad at us that they use lawyers to provide us with a cease and desist letter. The linked articles below are not cease and desist style competitors. Honesty apparently hurts.

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