Got Synthetic Turf Equipment or Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment?

926 Integrated Synthetic Turf Groomer

Incorporating the Spring Tine Rake into the Groomer now delivers greater labor efficiencies, ease of operation and superior performance.  Synthetic Turf Equipment by GreensGroomer Worldwide

850 GreenZapr

The 850 GreenZapr can disinfect surfaces safely and quickly with its germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) lights. Harmful microorganisms are destroyed instantly when exposed to UVC lights. The GreenZapr was built to destroy MRSA and Staph.  Synthetic Turf Equipment by GreensGroomer Worldwide

920 SDE Synthetic GreensGroomer

The 920 SDE GreensGroome, stands up synthetic fibers, redistributes infill material and gently brushes the surface. Decompacting the infill material, proper drainage along with redistributing the underlying infill is accomplished.

760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Sweeper

The new 760 LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper is a small, commercial-grade sweeper designed to remove debris such as shoe spikes, rocks, pens, pencils, bird feathers, athletic tape and other material that poses as harmful objects to athletes.

960 MiniZapr XL (36″) Sterilizer

Twice the UVC coverage as the 860 MiniZapr. Sterilize surfaces from harmful microorganisms with the new double capacity indoor sterilizer.

860 MiniZapr

Utilizing the technology from the larger 850 GreenZapr, the 860 MiniZapr deploys the same bacteria and virus-fighting power needed to control today’s harmful viruses, including MRSA, Staph, C. diff, HIV, and many others that can be harmful to humans.

Spring Tine Rake

Dethatching on the tees and fairways has never been easier. The three adjustable rows each contain 84 tines that are spaced at 7/8” apart. The Spring Tine Rake can be operated as a standalone piece of equipment or attached behind the GreensGroomer.

Field Magnet

The 6-foot tow behind magnet will pull metal objects up and out of the synthetic turf, such as: bobby pins, safety pins, nails and other metal objects from uniforms or band costumes.

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