6 Foot Magnet for the LitterKat Turf Sweeper

Artificial turf collects many unwanted ferrous objects. Metal objects are easily deposited in synthetic turf, creating hidden dangers for the athletes who use the field. Examples of artificial turf metal field contaminants that are easily dropped in artificial turf fields are bobby pins, safety pins, nails, instrument components, buckles and other metal objects from uniforms or band costumes. The six-foot tow behind the field magnet will pull these metal objects up and out of the artificial turf.  Protect your athletes with this powerful field magnet for artificial turf.

This 6′ field magnet comes standard on the LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper. When Greensgroomer designed the 920 SDE Groomer, they took into consideration and made the Groomer so the field magnet could easily be attached and pulled.  Even if you don’t have Greensgroomer equipment you can still order this field magnet and pull it behind your current equipment. Please call or email us so we can talk about the attachment.  Unfortunately every spring and summer we are contacted by areas hit by tornadoes. The amount of debris carried in these storms is amazing and a lot of the time tiny pieces of metal end up in the turf.