Sports Turf Northwest is proud to offer synthetic turf maintenance equipment to sports facilities across the United States. After significant research on our part, we concluded the best manufactured and safest synthetic turf maintenance equipment is by GreensGroomer Worldwide. GreensGroomer Worldwide boasts proven technology that spans over 22 years. GreensGroomer doesn’t sell turf just synthetic turf maintenance equipment, making it the industry leader. One example of best in class equipment is the LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper. When your field has debris on it, the LitterKat is the perfect choice for keeping synthetic turf fields safe and free of debris.

Litterkat with 6 Foot Magnet
Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment

LitterKat Synthetic Turf Sweeper

The LitterKat turf sweeper has so many features and benefits. This 3rd generation improved model makes it a great option for maintaining the look and safety of your synthetic turf field. Listed below are several highlights to this premier piece of synthetic turf maintenance equipment.

  • Removes unwanted debris and metal objects
  • Redistributes infill back to the field
  • Tough aluminum construction
  • Comes with a 6-foot magnet for picking up metal objects

Debris Found on Field That The Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment RemovesSynthetic turf fields have an enormous amount of daily use to them. With all the daily use turf fields will become cluttered with objects like pencils, shoe spikes, feathers, band aids, athletic tape, pens, and rocks which can later injure athletes. Removing from the field will help protect athletes from serious injuries. Another important added benefit to the LitterKat is the 6-foot magnet which by the way doesn’t let metal objects stay on the field. Metal objects are dangerous and can cause injuries.

Manufacturing Materials Used in Construction

The LitterKat turf sweeper includes two powerful dual 12-volt vibrators.  The two vibrators only function is to sort the debris from the infill material. After the infill material has been sifted the clean infill material can then be redistributed to the field. The debris that is retained after the sifting is held in the hoppers and can easily be disposed of. The materials used in the construction of the LitterKat contains a combination of aluminum and steel. Protecting the LitterKat from the weather elements is achieved with a durable powder coat finish. The LitterKat is easily towed by any type of utility vehicle. The recommended minimum gas horsepower machine to pull the LitterKat is a 15 horsepower engine.

Sports Turf Northwest Sells Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment Across The USA

No matter which piece of maintenance equipment you need, we can offer the right choice on synthetic turf equipment. Sports Turf Northwest is your #1 resource for providing education and advice.  Synthetic turf fields need equipment like Groomers, Sweepers and UVC bacteria killing machines.

A List of All Our Synthetic Turf Maintenance Equipment:

760 LitterKat Turf Sweeper

926 Integrated Groomer

850 GreenZapr

860 MiniZapr

Sports Turf Northwest believe in the safety of athletes. We feel the need to educate athletic directors, sport’s moms, the maintenance staff, and anyone who will listen about how to properly take care for your synthetic turf. To read more about synthetic turf maintenance, please check out the following articles on our blog.

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If you have additional concerns about synthetic turf safety or maintenance questions, please contact us?

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