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541px-Astrodome_interior_2004When you mention “Texas” to anyone in the country, alongside barbecue and cowboys come the thoughts of football. Considering this, it makes sense that Texas is home to the most synthetic turf fields in the country. Texas led the way for the country by installing artificial turf in the Astrodome in the 1960s. After the installation in the Astrodome, many other sports arenas followed suit.  In the Super Bowl this year (Super Bowl XLVII) there will be a total of 12 active players on the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers football teams that played high school football in Texas.

In order to keep the tradition of Friday night football in Texas rolling along, there are certain things every athletic director of a high school or college athletic program in Texas should know about synthetic turf football fields. Neglected turf is not only unpleasant to the eye; it can cause issues with safety for athletes. Sports Turf NW can offer solutions when it comes to synthetic turf maintenance and safety.

What About Synthetic Turf Maintenance in Texas?

Many artificial turf fields are sold on the basis that they have a “zero” maintenance cost. While Sports Turf NW agrees that the cost for synthetic turf maintenance is much less than other natural options, we do believe there is a maintenance cost involved in keeping an artificial football field. Two unique pieces of equipment can handle all of your artificial turf maintenance needs.


Allowing litter to pile up and clutter the field looks bad, but can also harm athletes. Shoe spikes, pens, rocks and other sharp materials can puncture through uniforms and skin. Getting them out of harm’s way is imperative and LitterKat makes it easy. The equipment is perfect for small to medium size debris.

GreensGroomer Stands Up Fibers

The GreensGroomer can make worn out, dingy looking fields seem brand new. After one pass with the GreensGroomer your football team will think you bought them a new field! Synthetic turf is notorious for compaction issues. The GreensGroomer, stands up synthetic fibers, redistributes infill material and gently brushes the surface. This also makes way for proper drainage of the field.

What About Synthetic Turf Safety in Texas?

GreenZapr Handles MRSA And Other Bacteria Problems


There are a lot of factors that keep artificial turf safe for athletes. More and more studies are showing that synthetic turf can be a breeding ground for infections like MRSA. Between 2003 and 2005 over 276 football players were infected with MRSA, that is 16% higher than the national average according to the University of Texas in Houston.  Minor turf burns are the perfect abrasions for MRSA to infiltrate an unsuspecting victim. With these startling statistics, you can see why owning equipment like a GreenZapr is necessary. GreenZapr uses UVC (ultraviolet light) technology to penetrate synthetic turf killing all traces of bacteria that can lead to MRSA or other infectious diseases that would otherwise cause harm to your own athletes or visiting teams.

Sports Turf Northwest can help high schools, colleges, and other sports facilities find the equipment necessary to properly maintain synthetic turf and keep it safe for players. We provide knowledge and personalized assistance on synthetic turf equipment purchases for any artificial field across the country. To get your hands on LitterKat, GreensGroomer, or GreenZapr equipment or parts, call us today! 800-541-1285