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Turf maintenance equipment saves lives and I will tell you why. Millions of people around the world enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Watching the game in HD allows for detailed imagery.  I am amazed by the athleticism of the football players. I was also mesmerized by the amount of blood I could see on the players’ uniforms. Let me explain why bodily fluids are such a big deal.

Turf Maintenance Equipment Save Lives

It was only too real on my HD TV all the blood, bodily fluids, and debris that littered the artificial turf field. As one player spits on the ground, another player would wipe blood across his jersey. After hours of play, imagine the petri dish of bodily fluids on the turf.  How does that make you feel about your local artificial turf field?

Staph Infection

One cut or scrape and you or your child are now playing the game of “Let’s get a Staph infection” Do you know what could come after a Staph infection, why that could be MRSA. MRSA is the life threating form of a Staph Infection. A small investment in commercial grade artificial turf maintenance equipment can help prevent health issues and keep athletes safe. Removing debris from the field and disinfecting the field is accomplished with commercial grade artificial turf maintenance equipment. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) makes it very clear that there are five ways that MRSA and Staph are transmitted and you only need one of the five, NOT ALL FIVE.

5 C’s of MRSA and Staph

  1. Crowding
  2. Contact
  3. Compromised skin (even minor cuts, scrapes, turf burns, or open blisters)
  4. Contaminated items and surfaces (towels, band-aids, tissues)
  5. Lack of Cleanliness

It only takes one of the 5 to create an opportunity to affect athletes with MRSA or Staph. and most often, Playing football on artificial turf presents all five C’s simultaneously. Take control and minimize the health risks by utilizing proper artificial turf maintenance equipment. All artificial turf fields must remove debris like candies, shoe spikes, pencils, feathers, band-aids, and other items that make their way onto the field. Debris items cause physical injury to players however they can also create an opening in the skin to transmit disease.

850 GreenZapr Sports Field Sterilizer

850 GreenZapr Disinfector
Turf Maintenance Equipment Saves Lives by Using UVC Disinfection Technology Like the 850 GreenZapr

It is a modern marvel of technology that uses UVC technology to disinfect artificial turf. The basic operation works like this. Pulling the 850 GreenZapr across the turf field in three directions provides for a sterilized artificial turf field. The 850 GreenZapr uses UVC germicidal light to destroy harmful microorganisms. Chemicals do not break the DNA bond of harmful microorganisms. UVC light breaks the DNA of harmful microorganisms. Artificial turf maintenance equipment saves lives and by the way, the 850 GreenZapr is the #1 solution.

Why Do Turf Manufacturers Dislike Us?

Artificial turf manufacturers disregard the solution the 850 GreenZapr provides, which is disinfection. The negativity of potential harm to athletes is bad for business. Artificial turf is a viable surface on which to play sports. Improper maintenance of artificial turf is a safety hazard for athletes. Turf manufacturers who deny that health-related issues such as Staph exist are using poor sales tactics in order to make the sale. Parents and athletes ask your administrators what they are doing to protect you. Twitter has been an amazing tool to follow all the Staph and MRSA outbreaks across the country.

The 760 LitterKat Makes Debris Removal Easy

Artificial turf maintenance equipment saves lives by removing debris. The 760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector with Magnet should be mandatory for all facilities. As a result of everyday use, artificial turf fields have become cluttered with objects like pencils, shoe spikes, feathers, band aids, athletic tape, pens, and small rocks which can cut, jab, or impale athletes.

Turf Maintenance Equipment Save Lives and the LitterKat is a Category Leader
The six-foot magnet is a critical piece for proper artificial turf maintenance. Removing dangerous debris is critical for the safety of athletes

Protecting athletes by removing dangerous debris items is critical to avoid injury. The 760 LitterKat Synthetic Sports Turf Debris Collector is designed to do just that. It comes with a 6-foot magnet that doesn’t miss when it comes to getting those threatening metal objects off of the turf. With powerful, dual 12 volt vibrators in the collection baskets, any infill material that is collected is quickly returned to the field.  Pulling the 760 LitterKat will work with most utility vehicles. The recommended gas motor should be a minimum of 18 hp.  A piece of equipment like the 760 LitterKat is the correct choice of equipment to remove dangerous debris from the field.

It seems stupid to continue to put player’s health at risk to save a few bucks, when easy, affordable options exist for cleaning up debris and eliminating bacteria. The Litterkat, GreenZapr, and other artificial turf maintenance equipment are well worth the investment for the NFL, colleges, high schools, and even parks and recreation departments across the United States. Don’t let your players, patrons, and staff suffer from MRSA, Staph, or other injuries caused by a littered and blood-soaked field.