University of Rhode Island uses two 860 MiniZaprs on campus

Two is always better than one, so utilizing two 860 MiniZaprs to sterilize surfaces is a win-win for everyone using the University of Rhode Island athletic facilities.  In 2014, the University of Rhode Island was looking for a chemical free way to protect its students and athletes against potentially harmful microorganisms. Harmful microorganisms like Staph and MRSA are ever present in facilities but are invisible.  Helping to combat these dangers, the 860 MiniZapr is a real solution.  The 860 MiniZapr uses UV-C light to sterilize surfaces.  Maintaining a healthy facility includes both maintaining health equipment and preventing dangerous health issues to humans.

860 MiniZapr at Work

In 2016, the Athletic Strength & Conditioning facility for the University of Rhode Island purchased their very own MiniZapr.  The benefit of two MiniZaprs is covering more surface area. For those of you asking the question of why would a health facility need equipment to sterilize surfaces?  The danger lies with bodily fluids and how bodily fluids interact with skin.

Bodily Fluids Are a Cause for Concern

Bodily fluids can be quite harmful if not addressed immediately. A proactive approach to treating contaminated surfaces before health issues appear is progressive thinking.  The University of Rhode Island is being progressive and is leader for other institutions.

860 MiniZapr

Sports facilities and parents are not connecting the dots between the interaction of bodily fluids and humans.  The negative health issues related to staph, MRSA and Ringworm is very real.  A simple Google Search using the words, staph infection mats, or MRSA and sports will allow you to read for yourself about the harmful potential athletes face.

Google Search These Additional Words and Phrases

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For over five years now, I have spoken about how sports facilities need to protect against harmful microorganisms.  Every week I receive phone calls and emails from parents, athletes and facility operators looking for answers to staph and MRSA.

Time to Think of New Solutions

Institutions like the University of Rhode Island are thinking outside of the box. UVC technology had been around for many decades and proven its capabilities.  When the University of Rhode Island was looking for an alternative method to using  chemicals, the 860 MiniZapr became that solution. The UV-C sterilizing light of the MiniZapr is a great resource to combat harmful microorganisms.

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