Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking down who is making choices about turf maintenance equipment is often time-consuming and difficult. Generally, when schools install a brand new turf field, they are looking for a single quote on everything. While I understand the need to keep things simple, many individuals are not aware of what this could mean for their turf field in the long run.

The Architect is Selecting The Turf Maintenance Equipment?

When a single quote for equipment is requested, most of the decisions fall into the lap of the architect. The architect who knows next to nothing about selecting the turf maintenance equipment required. Most often, architects have very little working knowledge about what makes artificial turf safe. In addition, selecting the most useful turf maintenance equipment. Some architects don’t even include any turf maintenance equipment in their quote. Having the architect handle the entire quote process does make things simpler, however, in the long run, improper selection of equipment can be costly and potentially harmful to athletes.

Architects Are Not To Blame, Hint Turf Manufacturers Are

In an effort to keep costs at a minimum, architects often choose the cheapest, most dangerous, and inefficient maintenance equipment on the market or none at all. It is well worth the investment to get the proper commercial grade maintenance equipment. It will ensure that your entire turf field has a long, well used, life.

A newer twist on the turf equipment ruse, some installation/construction companies are designing turf maintenance equipment of their own. With no real knowledge about the science behind turf maintenance, they have designed poor turf sweeper imitations that will leave schools and turf managers in a bad situation. Schools and turf managers should think twice if an installation company is pushing a certain piece of turf maintenance equipment. It will pay in the long run to make a smart investment in high-quality turf maintenance equipment like that offered by a real turf maintenance company, Sports Turf NW.

Litterkat Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

In the end, between architects choosing or not including turf equipment and construction companies creating low caliber imitations, schools end up with little or no turf equipment that can actually perform its intended function. Shockingly, most turf managers are never even included in the conversations about what turf equipment will be purchased. It seems novice to not include the people who will be using the turf equipment as part of the selection team and to also seek experts on the matter. Schools are already making a huge investment in the turf field installation.

Without Proper Maintenance, You Are Throwing Money Away!

Letting the design architect choose your turf maintenance equipment is akin to letting your doctor prescribe medicine based on which pharmaceutical reps he/she likes best. Allowing someone else to choose your turf maintenance equipment will not only result in lackluster equipment, but may also create safety hazards for athletes, patrons, and students.

Bad Turf Maintenance Equipment is Dangerous

There are lots of cheap turf sweepers out there. They claim to pick up litter and debris on fields, but in the end, results are negligible. Fields remain littered with debris like shoe spikes, pens, and used band-aids; all of which can cause serious health risks like MRSA or Staph if not properly removed. When athletes have small cuts, turf burns, or abrasions, bacteria from objects on the field easily finds its way into the body. We’ve dedicated many blog posts to athlete safety, and how the equipment from Sports Turf NW can improve quality and safety. Here are a few notables ones.

There is no excuse for spending millions on a new turf field and not spending the little extra to get adequate turf maintenance equipment. It is like buying the newest, spendiest cell phone and then not purchasing the screen protector. If you’d like to know more about what constitutes “high-quality turf equipment”, contact Sports Turf NW right now. Our equipment is backed by science and testimony.  Let us shed light on the darkest corners of your turf field.